Middlesboro Elementary hosts Regional Governor’s Cup, places 3rd overall

Published 5:57 pm Thursday, March 28, 2024

By Rian Johnson

For The Middlesboro News


Middlesboro Elementary School hosted the 2024 Kentucky Association of Academic Competition Governor’s Cup Regional Tournament, welcoming students, parents, and coaches from 11 area schools and brought home several awards.

Former MES Academic Team Coach, Kim Saylor served as this year’s KAAC Contest Manager. The contest manager for the competition oversees all logistical aspects, from coordinating meetings and orientations to managing the competition schedule and ensuring accurate scoring. They also handle communication with coaches, maintain the security of competition materials, and publicize the event within the community.

“We were so proud to host the KAAC Region Academic Team competition this year,” Saylor said. “It was amazing to witness students from our area broaden their knowledge base and forge meaningful relationships with peers from neighboring schools.”

Under the leadership of coaches Angela Green and Stacelynn Womack, the students embarked on an extraordinary journey. Their accomplishments transcended mere trophies and accolades; they embodied the culmination of diligence, determination, and a fervent thirst for knowledge.

“Competing at this level provided our students with invaluable opportunities to face teams that we wouldn’t have encountered otherwise,” Coach Green said. “It allowed us to identify our strengths and weaknesses, laying the foundation for our growth as a formidable team. I am immensely proud of the dedication and resilience displayed by the team throughout the season.”

Through the KAAC sponsored events, students at Middlesboro Elementary were introduced to the world of academic competition. From the rigorous composition challenges that sharpened their writing skills to the adrenaline-fueled quick recall competitions that fostered camaraderie and strategic thinking, each event was met with unwavering enthusiasm and vigor.

As the competition season unfolded, Middlesboro Elementary’s academic team etched their names in the archives of scholastic achievement with their stellar performances. From clinching the district quick recall championship to maintaining an undefeated regular season, the students showcased their intellectual grit and left an indelible mark on every opponent.

“Being undefeated in the regular season, crowned district quick recall champs, securing the district overall runner-up spot, and clinching third place overall in the region — these accomplishments speak volumes about the unwavering dedication and tenacity of our students,” Coach Womack said. “I am truly honored to be their coach.”

Yet, beyond the trophies and triumphs, it was a transformative and empowering journey for the team. One such student, Cooper Edwards, a fifth-grade team member, shared his journey.

“I battle with anxiety and was never confident enough to join the academic team until this year,” Edwards said. “But I decided to conquer my fears, and I’m very glad I did because I absolutely loved the thrill of the quick recall competitions and the opportunity to exercise creative thinking in the future problem-solving segment. I’m already looking forward to the next season.”

Looking ahead, the students of the Middlesboro Elementary School Academic Team are eager to begin preparing for next year’s season.


List of winners:


1st Place – Harlan Elementary School

2nd Place – Yellow Creek Elementary

3rd Place – Middlesboro Elementary


Quick Recall

1st Place – Harlan Elementary

2nd Place – Yellow Creek Elementary

3rd Place – Middlesboro Elementary


Future Problem Solving

1st Place – Harlan Elementary School

2nd Place – Wallins Elementary School

3rd Place – Yellow Creek Elementary School



1st Place – Thomas Leo Miller – Harlan Elementary School

2nd  Place – Mason Hopkins – Bell Central School Center

3rd Place – Levi Hensley – Rosspoint Elementary

4th Place (TIE)— James Boster – Bell Central

4th Place (TIE)— Jeremy Jackson – Harlan


Also advancing to state:

Shiv Chaudhari — Cumberland

Kenton Burnett — Pineville

Marshall Huckleby — Rosspoint

Saylor Crow — Harlan

Jonah Armstrong — Middlesboro.



1st Place —Mason Garrett— Rosspoint

2nd Place —Hunter Taylor —Harlan

3rd Place (TIE)— Andrew Alred— Harlan

3rd Place (TIE) —Noah Harris —Middlesboro

5th Place —Thomas Leo Miller —Harlan


Social Studies

1st Place —Sawyer Crow— Harlan

2nd Place —Deacon Barnes —Yellow Creek

3rd Place —Hunter Taylor— Harlan

4th Place —Vivian Smith —Harlan

5th Place —Jackson Barnett —Middlesboro


Language Arts

1st Place —Natalie Adams— Harlan

2nd Place (TIE)— Shelbee Fee —Harlan

2nd Place (TIE) —Cayleigh Miracle —Yellow Creek

4th Place —Julianne Miller— Harlan

5th Place —Harper Day —Lone Jack


Arts and Humanities

1st Place —Reese Rogers —Middlesboro

2nd Place —Natalie Adams —Harlan

3rd Place —Selena Miracle— Page

4th Place (TIE) —Asher Hayes Pineville

4th Place (TIE)— Hannah Adams —Harlan



1st Place (TIE) —Addison Adams—James A Cawood

1st Place (TIE)— Cayleigh Miracle —Yellow Creek

3rd Place —Kenna Money —Yellow Creek

4th Place— Jackson Smith —Lone Jack

5th Place —Alivia Eversole —Harlan