AdventHealth featured at Chamber’s Lunch & Learn

Published 3:59 pm Monday, March 25, 2024

By Jay Compton


AdventHealth was featured as this month’s Bell County Chamber of Commerce Lunch & Learn series at Sauced Pizza in Pineville on Monday.

Chamber director Melissa Turner welcomed everyone for attending the lunch.

“It is so fantastic to see some many familiar faces and new ones in attendance. We know how difficult it is to step out of the office on a weekday, and we’re so thankful that you took the time to be with us today,” she said. “We are truly excited to have AdventHealth become a part of our community Bell County and we eagerly anticipate their partnership in the years ahead.”

Advent just opened a new clinic in Pineville in January. Jamie Couch, VP of operations for AdventHealth, spoke about the company’s background and plans for the future.

“It truly is an honor to be in Bell County,” he said. “We’re based in Manchester in Kentucky and we’ve been talking about coming to Bell County for quite some time.”

Couch said being here was a return to his roots —he was raised in Bledsoe in Harlan County.

“I’m excited to be a part of Bell County and excited that Advent Health gets to be a part of that journey,” he said.

With a mission of “extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ,” Advent operates clinics and hospitals in nine states with over 92,000 employees.

“By 2026, we’re going to be in 12 counties in Kentucky. Bell County was the first addition to what we’re calling ‘Everywhere Kentucky,’” Couch said.

The Pineville clinic is the sixth rural health clinic operated by Advent Health.

“Medical practices and hospitals are only as healthy as their communities are and that’s why I’m so excited to see as many people as we have in this room today and about all that’s going on in downtown Pineville. The engagement in this community is incredible,” Couch said.

He shared that the company started at the tiny Oneida Mountain Hospital from the 1920s up until 1971 when AdventHealth was formed.

“The Adventists came alongside Oneida Mountain Hospital in the 1920s and really took care of a lot of patients,” Couch said.

In 1971 AdvantHealth was formed and they bought land in Manchester to open the current hospital there.

He also shared a look at Advent’s future with what they call their Vision2030.

“It’s driven by our mission to provide holistic care to all people. AdventHealth will be known for preeminent, faith-based, consumer-focused clinical care,” Couch said. “Preeminent means we want to be first and we want to be best, but now without being faith-based. If we’re best without Christ being in the middle of it, what are we doing?”

The company also wants to be consumer focused so health care is easier to navigate for them.

Advent built on a foundation of whole-person care.

“That’s mind, body and spirit. To be well is to be well emotionally, be well physically and to be well spiritually,” Couch added.

He said three questions to all of their patients. Do you have a sense of joy in your life? Do have a sense of peace in your life? And, Do you have somebody in your life that loves you?

“Immediately, the practice has access to connect those folks, if they desire, to care beyond the primary care. Whether that’s behavioral health, counseling or whatever else they need,” Couch said.

He added that Advent is working on an app that allows patients to be connected to 24-hour care. Through the app they can text a health care advocate who can get them in touch with a provider immediately.