NKU beginning new admissions program

Published 11:46 am Monday, March 11, 2024

In an effort to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of its admissions process, Northern Kentucky University has announced the implementation of a new Direct Admit Program.

Their hope is to expand access to higher education in the region by simplifying the enrollment process for prospective students, providing them with a straightforward pathway to securing their spot at the NKU, and will be the first public university in Kentucky to offer direct admission.

The college admissions process can be complex and time-consuming; so recognizing the need to streamline this process and reduce barriers to entry, NKU has developed the Direct Admit Program to offer a more seamless experience for applicants. Under the Direct Admit Program, qualified students will have the opportunity to bypass both the application process and the application fee and receive a direct offer of admission to NKU based on predetermined criteria.

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“The introduction of the Direct Admit Program reflects NKU’s commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment by removing barriers to higher education,” says Dr. Ryan Padgett, associate provost for strategic enrollment planning and student success for the university. “By simplifying the admissions process – including removing the application and application fee – and offering a transparent pathway to enrollment, NKU hopes to empower students from all backgrounds to pursue their academic aspirations.”

The program will launch on August 1, 2024 for students considering enrollment to NKU in the fall of 2025. High school students with a GPA above a 2.75 will be contacted about their direct admission into NKU, at which time they can begin the formal enrollment process.

“The Direct Admit Program is another example of how NKU is supporting our students and families within the region,” says NKU President Cady Short-Thompson. “By offering direct admission to qualified students, we are leading the region and Commonwealth of Kentucky in what it means to be a higher education university in the 21st century.”

Prospective students interested in learning more about the Direct Admit Program and eligibility criteria should visit nku.edu.