QB’s mom learning to steer clear of social media

Published 8:48 am Friday, November 10, 2023

By Larry Vaught

Contributing Columnist

Lexington Christian Academy quarterback Cutter Boley had his parents’ blessing to play his college football wherever he wanted — and he had plenty of offers including recent ones from some major national powers. However, he picked Kentucky and has never wavered in that commitment.

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His older sister and brother both went out of state to play college basketball and football. That’s why Mary Beth Boley was glad Cutter’s heart led him to Kentucky.

“College athletics at the Division I level is super difficult and even if you love it more than anything in the world at times it is a struggle. I just feel like it is hard when they are that far away,” she said. “You find comfort in your family through the hard times and it was not like we could just jump on a flight and be there for them.

“I am excited he is going to get that support  here. It’s not like it is a phone call away like it was with his brother and sister. He could come lay on the couch at home for a little bit if he wanted.”

The other side of staying home to play at UK is that Boley’s mother will be fully exposed to sports talk radio and social media that sometimes can be unkind to players, especially quarterbacks.

“Momma’s heart has learned to guard against that. It’s hard and I do try to avoid it (social media, sports talk).  I understand how people have an appetite for media and I just try when things come out about him … I don’t look at any social media for a while,” she said.

“I let things pass and something new will usually come up. It’s my baby and I don’t want to hear that about him. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but it seems like the negative ones are always going to have their opinions. That’s the way it is in sports. I am not upset about it. That’s how I protect myself, I just don’t look at it.”

Lexington Christian is 10-1 after a 63-6 Class 2A opening playoff win over Clinton County. Boley has thrown for 1,916 yards and 20 touchdowns this season by completing 144 of 227 passes with only five interceptions. He’s also rushed for 177 yards and five scores going into this week’s playoff game against Monroe County.

His numbers are slightly misleading because LCA has had such big leads that he probably has not played in the equivalent of 3½ games this season. The Eagles also have a much better running game this year and the second half of the season have relied more on the run to still put up huge scoring totals.