Halloween-themed movie to be filmed locally

Published 12:18 pm Friday, September 15, 2023

By Jordan Brooks


Movie producers from a local production company will be filming at the upcoming Cumberland Mountain Fall Festival.

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Camp Motion Pictures will be filming a new movie called “A Town without Halloween,” with shooting to begin in Middlesboro.

“The Town Without Halloween” comes from the minds behind movies such as “Kill, Granny, Kill” and “The Art of Killing,” and will attempt to capture the spirit of classics like “The Monster Squad,” “Goosebumps” and “Gremlins.” Set in a town steeped in Halloween traditions, a group of determined teenagers come across a sinister plot by the mayor of the town to wield the power of an ancient artifact for immortality. As they race against time to stop him, the town’s residents are transformed into destructive creatures

Producer Greg Brock says he and director Jacob Ennis knew that they wanted to make a movie centered around Halloween.

“We started writing, and now we’re finishing up casting, and we’re getting ready to start shooting in October,” said Brock. “We’re shooting at the Cumberland Mountain Fall Festival for the carnival, because it takes place after the events from when they banned Halloween.”

The movie features a cast of actors mostly from B-list thrillers that includes Sonny Burnette, Erica Dyer, Ayden Payne, Dixie Gers and Melissa Bowen.

Brock says if people attending the festival wish to be an extra in the movie they will be able to sign up at their booth in person at the festival, and a registration form that will be available closer to the festival.

He offered a few details on what extras might be able to expect.

“You can be a background person in the movie, which is actually a lot of fun because the creatures attack a year later at the festival,” said Brock.

“That’s going to be a lot of fun.”

While looking for local fall festivals, the movie crew came across the Cumberland Mountain Fall Festival.

Brock says the filming crew will be in Middlesboro on Oct. 13-14, and will be releasing their full schedule soon. Brock says the movie will be finished next spring with release scheduled for October 2024.