UK’s Brown wants to build on last year’s success

Published 4:55 pm Friday, August 25, 2023


Kentucky Today

Barion Brown doesn’t want to settle on the success he enjoyed last year in his first season at Kentucky.

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The sophomore burst on the scene and made an impact as one of the team’s top receivers despite the team’s struggles on the offensive side of the ball.

Brown’s motto is to simply, “never get comfortable and never get lazy.”

“(I’m) always looking to see what I can do better, always see how I can get better,” he said. “I just keep watching film, seeing, OK, what mistakes did I make and how can I fix those mistakes? I’m just never never saying that I’m good enough to stop watching film or stop coming to practice every day and trying hard and just making sure I’m never getting comfortable.”

In addition, Brown, who caught 50 passes for 628 yards and four touchdowns last season, added he hopes his maturity will help lead to more explosive plays.

“Just instead of running around, I’m going to look at the defense and just based off (the scheme) — what can I do and what can I add a little salt to help me and the quarterback be on the same page.”

Brown was recruited by offensive coordinator Liam Coen, who spent last season with the Los Angeles Rams before coming back for a second stint in the same capacity with the Wildcats.

“It feels great (to have Liam back),” he said. “It’s just good having him back, having him back in rotation (and) I can’t wait.”

Brown also likes the simplicity of the offense, which he said starts in the trenches.

“Everybody knows in the game of football, I mean, it starts up front,” he said. “We’ve got to keep working and that’s something that we always going to keep doing. And that’s something we always preach about is to just keep working.”

Much like the rest of his teammates, Brown has enjoyed having veteran quarterback Devin Leary in the fold.

“He’s a great, great quarterback, great leader for the team,” Brown said. “I feel he’s a great guy. We go out to eat sometimes just to top it off. I mean, not talk just about football, just to see how you know, each other is doing in life. It’s just great having a having a quarterback that’s, like, ‘I’ll be there for you, right or wrong.’ It’s just good.”