Have you been overwhelmed in June?

Published 10:30 am Friday, June 30, 2023

What’s up, Middlesboro? I don’t know about you, but June as been quite the overwhelming month. With the warmer weather moving in, so have new opportunities and new challenges. If there are some brave souls that were able to admit to being overwhelmed maybe we could start our own support group. We could discuss the challenges of having to conform to what others think; the heartbreak of what others say; the struggles to keep moving forward even when others are pushing you backwards; and the frustration of being kept in the dark.

In our support group we can safely share and we can focus on lifting up and empowering each other to continue on. I know that some might say that a group like this is for the weak and weepy, but it is actually for the strong and joyful.

A group of people willing to take the step to open up and share their hearts can help create a positive change in their life and how they impact the lives around them. I am not sure if we will ever start this group, but it is important that you know that your thoughts and ideas matter; understand that hurtful words usually come from misunderstanding; push back actually makes you stronger to push through challenges; and shining your light in the darkness will reveal anything you really need to know.

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Whoever is reading this today, even if it is a quick glance as you line the bird cage or litter box, I want you to know that you matter.

Remember, if you have any comments or questions please email me at letstalk@joanieandjennib.com. Together we can make positive changes and improvements.

Looking forward to talking again next week.