Big Blue Wall not up to Horsey’s standards

Published 2:11 pm Thursday, May 18, 2023


Contributing columnist

Veteran offensive lineman Kenneth Horsey doesn’t like to read or hear how the Kentucky offensive line had issues last season because he knows the Big Blue Wall was not up to the standards set by the late John Schlarman, UK’s former offensive line coach.

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“Coach Schlarman established a standard with everything he did not just on field but off the field as well. He set a standard of how it needed to be done and we did not reach that standard last year,” Horsey said.  “But just because we did not reach that standard does not mean that standard changes.

“It’s still my job on the offensive line as a leader to make sure that standard is kept and met. The people here last year did not do our job, including me. This is a new offensive line this year and a new opportunity to show that the standard has not changed. We want to do everything we can not just to meet the standard but uplift that standard.

“This is bigger than football. That is coach Schlarman’s legacy. We hold that in high regard and know what we have to do.”

Horsey moved from left guard to left tackle in 2022 and admits it was a major adjustment. He’s back at left guard this year with transfer Marques Cox taking over at left tackle.

“I was a tackle in high school (in Florida) and it was another full circle moment when I started my first game at tackle at Florida last year,” Horsey said. “It was an adjustment but it is about what the team needs. Whatever the coaches feel puts the best five men on the field and what is necessary for me to do, that’s what I will do.

“I am very comfortable at guard. It feels good to be back at that position. I am just ready to go and see what this team is capable of.”

Kentucky has brought in five players – Marques Cox (Northern Illinois), Courtland Ford (USC), Ben Christman (Ohio State), Tanner Bowles (Alabama) and Dylan Ray (West Virginia) – via the transfer portal to help rejuvenate the offensive line.