What’s up, Middlesboro? Share your holiday memories on social media

Published 2:00 pm Friday, December 2, 2022

Share your holiday memories

What’s up, Middlesboro? December has arrived. The official lighting of the Middlesboro Christmas tree has taken place. The holiday celebration continues this week as the Middlesboro Christmas Parade goes down the Avenue. Two of my favorite sounds during the holidays are Christmas music and children laughing, both of those sounds will be filling downtown this evening. I hope that you, your friends, and your family are able to attend. Make sure to post your pictures on FB @MboroMainStreet. Don’t forget today also starts the Holiday Window Contest on the Avenue. You can vote for your favorite Holiday Window by dropping a non-perishable food item inside the shop.

Now that you have been zapped with some Christmas cheer I want to make sure that you keep that joyful feeling. A few things that can help are: Dec. 14 at noon a ribbon-cutting at Small Town Simple. Melissa has shirts, tumblers, cups, and more with fun sayings and pictures on them.

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Dec. 15 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. is Holiday Shopping Night on the Avenue. We have several shops that will be open and offering specials to help with your Christmas shopping. Remember if you are unsure of what to buy, a gift certificate is always a perfect fit. I look forward to you coming downtown to shop and sing some Christmas songs. This will be the last chance to vote on your favorite Holiday Window. Another exciting thing you will be able to get tonight is the new SHOP LOCAL card. You will be able to pick up your card at the shops this evening and it will be a gift you can use all year long.

Don’t forget to share your holiday pictures that you take downtown with us on FB @MboroMainStreet.

I know that we are still early in December, but it is really not too early to be thinking of January and 2023. What are some things that you would like to see happen downtown in 2023? What new businesses would you like to see downtown? What downtown events are you looking forward to in 2023? We would love to hear your ideas. You can drop us an email to share your ideas at downtownmiddlesboro@gmail.com.

You might be wanting to start a new business in 2023 and that would be great. What would help you to get your business started? Do you already have a business plan? Do you have your business brand ready to share? Do you have a space for your new business? Are you just stuck with the idea and no idea where to start? Middlesboro Main Street is working on a program that will be a resource for answers to all of those questions and concerns. We love welcoming new businesses to downtown, but we also want to make sure that those businesses are successful. Make sure that you are following Middlesboro Main Street on FB @MboroMainStreet.

What exciting things have happened to you during 2022? Has someone made a positive difference in your life and you want everyone to know?

Have you found a favorite downtown business that everyone needs to check out? I really would like to hear your answers to these questions.

As I close for this week I want to make sure that you are taking time to enjoy the BIG and the small moments of this holiday season. The BIG things are usually pretty easy to realize, however we sometimes look over the small moments. A small moment can be as simple as a “Merry Christmas” from a stranger, a quiet moment just walking/driving around looking at Christmas lights, or simply waking up in the morning with a smile. Also make sure that you are sharing BIG and small moments with people you know and/or just those people you cross paths with during the day.

Until next week.