How to make appeal to FEMA if ineligible

Published 6:36 pm Monday, October 24, 2022


The Federal Emergency Management Agency says Kentuckians who sustained damage due to the eastern Kentucky flooding in July and received a letter from FEMA saying they are ineligible for disaster assistance can appeal the determination if they disagree.

Applicants should first read their determination letter carefully to understand why FEMA decided the application was “ineligible.” Those who need help understanding their letter can visit a Disaster Recovery Center or call the FEMA Helpline at 800-621-3362. To find the nearest Disaster Recovery Center, visit

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In Eastern Kentucky, the most common reasons applicants may be deemed ineligible are:

• Missed inspection or no response to FEMA attempts to make contact. If FEMA cannot make contact with you, or you do not meet with the inspector for your scheduled appointment, they may find you ineligible. You must return FEMA phone calls and requests for information in a timely manner. If that is the reason for denial, call the helpline or go to a Disaster Recovery Center as soon as possible.

• The home is safe to occupy. FEMA has determined you are not eligible for Housing Assistance because the damage caused by the disaster did not make your home unsafe to live in.  If you disagree with that determination, collect verifiable estimates, contracts, receipts, proof of expenses for home repair, personal property replacement, moving and storage costs and submit them as supporting documents with your appeal.

You must file your appeal within 80 days of receiving the denial letter.

When filing an appeal be sure to include the applicant’s name, phone number and current address; FEMA registration number on every page; the FEMA disaster declaration number, DR-4663, on every pag; the address of the pre-disaster primary residence; and explanation of why you disagree with the decision; and include any requested information and supporting documentation.

Remember to sign and date the letter.

FEMA will review your appeal and any documentation you have provided to make a new determination within 90 days. If more information is needed, FEMA will contact you. Once the appeal has been reviewed – including verification calls to contractors or others – a determination will be made on your appeal.

Remember, if someone else files the appeal for you, you must also submit a signed statement giving that person authority to represent you.

For the latest information on Kentucky flooding recovery, visit

The deadline to file an initial claim for losses incurred during the flooding is Friday.