Bell County Fair announces 2022 exhibit winners

Published 5:47 pm Wednesday, August 3, 2022


Exhibit winners from this year’s Bell County Fair were announced recently. Congratulations to all those who participated. A lot of time, effort, and dedication was put into each item.

Each year the Bell County Cooperative Extension Service hosts the open class exhibits for the Bell County Fair. A total of 119 entries were received and displayed at the recent Bell County Fair. The divisions were foods, food preservation, hand crafted items, arts and crafts, fruits and vegetables, honey, specialty farm products, flowers, photography and 4-H. The Bell County Fair Board provided premium money for each , red, and white ribbon awarded.

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Below are the blue ribbon winners:


Plate of 5 Biscuits, Delilah Johnson**

Plate of 5 Cornbread Muffins, Delilah Johnson

½ Loaf Zucchini Bread, Delilah Johnson*

Plate of 5 berry Muffins Delilah Johnson

Plate of 5 Cookies, Delilah Johnson

Food Preservation

1 Jar Tomatoes, Delilah Johnson

1 Jar Green Beans, Steven Slusher

1 Jar Corn, Steven Slusher

1 Jar Apple Butter, Delilah Johnson*

Dried Apples, John Brock**

Dried Beans, John Brock

Miscellaneous, John Brock

1 Jar berry, Jam Teresa Baker

Hand Crafted Items

Small Crocheted Article, Deloris Cornelius

Medium Crocheted Article, Betty Jones**

Large Crocheted Article, Betty Jones

Embroidered Article, Deloris Cornelius*

Pieced Quilt-Machine Quilted, Betty Jones

Tacked Quilt, Betty Jones

Baby Lap Quilt, Betty Jones

Miscellaneous, Betty Jones


Miscellaneous, Delilah Johnson**

Arts and Crafts

Nature Craft, Kelly Wilder

Handmade Jewelry, Teresa Baker

Woodcraft-Small, John Brock

Woodcraft-Medium, John Brock

Woodcraft-Large, John Brock**

Winter Decoration, Kelly Wilder

Fall Decoration, Kelly Wilder

Painting-Oil on Canvas, Kelly Wilder

Recycled Article, Shelia Key

Basketry (Woven) Small, Kelly Wilder

Basketry (Woven) Medium, Kelly Wilder**

Basketry (Woven) Large, Kelly Wilder

Mod Podge Item, Shelia Key

Scrapbooking (1 Page), Shelia Key

Home Grown Fruits and Vegetables

3 Green Tomatoes, John Brock

3 Red Tomatoes, John Brock

3 Red Cherry Tomatoes, Delilah Johnson

3 Yellow Cherry Tomatoes, John Brock

12 White Half Runners Beans, John Brock

Green Cherry Tomatoes ,John Brock

12 Pole Beans, John Brock*

12 Bush Beans, John Brock

Bunch Beans, John Brock

3 Cucumbers, Delilah Johnson

3 Summer Squash, John Brock

3 Bell Peppers (Green), John Brock

3 Small Green Peppers, Delilah Johnson

3 Banana Peppers, John Brock

3 Jalapeno Peppers, Delilah Johnson

3 Other Variety Peppers, Delilah Johnson**

3 Red Potatoes John Brock

3 Gold Potatoes, John Brock

5 Pods Green Okra, John Brock

3 Onions (White), Delilah Johnson

1 Pumpkin, Delilah Johnson

3 Ears Sweet Corn (Unhusked), John Brock

3 Apples (Red), John Brock

3 Apples (Green), John Brock

3 Pears, John Brock

3 Gumball Tomatoes, Delilah Johnson


Hanging Basket, John Brock

Cactus, Shelia Key

Potted Annuals, Delilah Johnson

Dish Garden, Kelly Wilder**

Rose of Sharon, Delilah Johnson

Rose, Shelia Key

Marigold (3 Blooms), Shelia Key

Zinnia (3 Blooms) Delilah Johnson

Dahlia, John Brock*

Flowering Shrub (3 Blooms), Shelia Key

Summer Mix, Shelia Key


People, Shelia Key

Animals, James Brown

Flowers, Shelia Key

Landscapes, Teresa Baker*

Miscellaneous, Shelia Key**

Black and White, Teresa Baker

4-H Photography

Water Fall, Andrew Rice

Birds/Flowers, Andrew Rice

KMLF Parade, Andrew Rice

Girl @ Lake, Andrew Rice

Food Plate, Andrew Rice

Guitar Player, Andrew Rice

Concert, Andrew Rice

Painted Buildings, Andrew Rice

Pink Flowers, Andrew Rice

4-H Wood Science

Clover Napkin Holder, Andrew Rice