Until then

Published 11:10 am Thursday, June 16, 2022

We’ve all had someone say to us, “Hey, just trust me.” “What I am telling you is true.” Another often-spoken statement is: “You can bank on that.” While I appreciate individual statements, taking an individual’s word is a different situation. When it comes to banking, you don’t question what they say. Why? Because you know that it is in the fine print. The problem is that we failed to read the document or understand the terms before we signed our name on the dotted line.

That type of realization always put you in a low sinking spot.

Trusting people, institutions or organizations can create a lot of doubt. This happens because we have all been let down. We’ve all wanted to count on what someone says and we’ve failed to make allowances in the event, that isn’t possible or it doesn’t happen.

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As a Christian I believe in God. I believe that God sent His son Jesus, to die on a cross, in what we often describe as “in my place.” Jesus died so everyone could have forgiveness of their sins. In this belief system that I have, I believe that God works out everything in my life too.

This includes every problem I’ve created, every situation I jumped into and every experience I have had, good and bad. After all, not all of life is bad. Not every situation we face is horrible. However, bad things happen to all of us. There is an often-used phrase that says “bad things happen to good people.” I personal never use that phrase. The reason is that categorizing people in such a way builds two camps of people – good people and bad people. I struggle with that because we are all created in God’s image. Our actions can be bad. Our decisions can be bad. Our choices and options can be bad, but there is a Holy Spirit, created and sent by God for each of us as a resource, guide and confidant. Myself, when I find my life in a mess, it is because I have failed to trust the gift that God has given me.

Trust is an issue that many folks struggle with.

Trust can be complicated by our experiences.

Trust can be challenging to give to others.

But trust and faith are owned by God.

God created the world, He put the stars in place.

God asks us to trust Him, in all things.

I keep a journal. Growing up I wrote about people and experiences, places, things I was reading and learning. Today, I write about those same things, but as my faith in God has developed, I write a lot about my faith today, as I did back then. Last year in my journal I wrote on day 291 of my life, “Faith is a trust that changes everything.”

Today, I am reflecting on the difference that faith has made again. For me, faith has changed everything. I have discovered so much about God’s plans for me. I don’t know them all, and I’ve messed up His perfect plan many times. I’m not proud of all my choices, but faith has changed that, because I trust my faith. When I have had no answers, it has been faith and trust that kept me going. When I have wanted to give up, faith and trust gave me new energy to press on.

Not sure where you are on your journey of life at this very moment, but I want to encourage you to trust in faith; not just faith that someone says trust me on this, but reach out and embrace faith for solutions and answers, between you and God. Now, I believe that others play an important role in our faith and trust in God. We can learn from others, we can hear their stories and be motivated to faith and trust in God.

This time is right for you to take a step of faith. Don’t trust me, but trust God. He will not let you down.

Until then.