June is adopt a cat month

Published 10:21 am Friday, May 20, 2022

The American Humane Society designated June as Adopt a Cat Month. Friends of the Bell County Animal Shelter (FOS) are participating in this event by offering the adoption fee for cats at half price.

FOS President Dinah Presnell said American Humane Society has been doing this for the past 47 years to encourage people to adopt cats and kittens instead of buying. “That is the month where lots of litters of kittens are born and so the shelters end up getting an over flow of kittens and mother cats,” she said, “This just helps bring awareness when we offer this special.” She said this is a good time to adopt a cat if you are considering being a cat owner.

The Friends of the Shelter pays for half of each adoption of cats in June. The usual fee to adopt a cat is $70. In June those adopting a cat will pay $35 and FOS will be paying the remaining $35 to complete the adoption. The adoption fee covers one spay or neutering, one round of shots, deworming, and one office visit for the adopted cat. 

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FOS currently has five cats up for adoption. “They’re just now starting that breeding cycle, so the kittens aren’t being born yet, they will be born in June,” said Presnell. She said they usually adopt 10 to 20 kittens during this event.

October will be adopt a shelter dog month, and FOS will be offering half price adoption for that event as well. The American Humane Society website can offer information of how to train a cat, any problems owners may be experiencing, a top 10 checklist when adopting a cat, and information on how they are addressing the cat population.

Visit the Friends of the Bell County Animal Shelter Facebook page to see available cats or visit the Bell County Animal Shelter.