Crater of Hope partners with MHS

Published 11:04 am Thursday, March 3, 2022

Crater of Hope has announced a new business partnership with Middlesboro High School.

Starting March 14, Crater of Hope will be headed to MHS to give a drug presentation. Jeannie Allen, April Wallace, Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson, and K9 Officer Nicholas Capps will be giving the presentation.

Crater of Hope and MHS want to teach students about drugs and what they can do to you. Officer Capps has put together a PowerPoint presentation so students can also see how drugs and alcohol affect the body.

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“With that presentation, it’s got statistics that I forwarded from the National Highway Safety Organization. There’s also images of IV drug use and eating of the skin,” said Officer Capps.

He also said that vaping would be included in this PowerPoint. Vaping has become very popular among young people and can be laced with drugs. After the presentations, students will have the opportunity to speak with someone about their own addiction or someone they may be concerned about.

“We are for them, we all have our own stories and this is proof. Just because your parents are in addiction, you don’t have to grow up to be in addiction,” said Allen.

Operation Unite donated $1,000 to produce a banner that will be placed inside the doors of MHS. Students can make a pledge against drugs and then sign their name.

Those who walk through the doors will immediately see this banner.

“We’re hoping to make an impact on them before school is released,” Allen said.

Starting in August, Crater of Hope will be in MHS for monthly programs.

Crater of Hope is also participating in Black Balloon Day, also known as Overdose Awareness Day, on March 6. On Sat., March 5 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., Crater of Hope will be handing out black balloons at 1622 Cumberland Ave. Suite 6.