Bowling wins Kentucky Chamber award

Published 8:00 pm Thursday, September 2, 2021

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce presented Representative for the 87th District Adam Bowling with the Chamber MVP Award last week.

According to a press release, Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Ashli Watts along with Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Kate Shanks presented the award. Bowling was among a selection of legislators who “went to bat” for Kentucky businesses during the 2021 General Assembly.

“The business community wants to recognize the legislators who went out of their way to help Kentucky’s economy get back on track after such an unprecedented year,” said Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Ashli Watts. “It is critical we continue to work together as we recover and rebuild for a stronger tomorrow.”  During a telephone interview, Bowling talked about some of his actions which led to consideration for the award.

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“One is my overall pro-business voting record,” Bowling said. “I’m very supportive of getting good policy so our economy can grow and prosper. I think we’ve gotten behind the 8 ball a little bit compared to surrounding states, particularly Tennessee in our area. We are trying to change that as quickly as possible.” The release states Bowling championed legislation during the 2021 session which establishes a framework for communities to become “Recovery Ready,” establishing consistency to local substance use treatment, prevention, and recovery efforts.

Bowling mentioned his sponsorship of a particular bill that addressed the opioid problem in Kentucky.

“I was the sponsor of House Bill 7,” Bowling said. “It looks at the opioid epidemic and a way to get local governments involved with getting folks’ treatment. There are all sorts of issues that go along with people that fall into addiction or substance use disorder, it has a high cost on society in general through jailing, policing, health care and various means. It also has an effect on workforce participation and the amount of people we have looking for jobs and amount of skilled labor we have out there.”

The release further states Recipients of the 2021 Kentucky Chamber MVP Award recipients demonstrated strong leadership for Kentucky’s business community through sponsoring or carrying Kentucky Chamber priority legislation, exhibiting leadership in the passage of legislation to improve Kentucky or by taking hard votes in defense of business. 

Bowling expressed his appreciation concerning having been presented with the award.

“It feels good,” Bowling said. “There are 138 legislators, both representatives and senators. We all put a lot of work into it, and to be recognized for those efforts does feel good.”