Cloverbuds Camp coming up

Published 9:19 am Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The Bell County Extension Service is offering an opportunity for those too young to take part in 4H Camp to participate Cloverbuds Camp, a day camp with activities similar to 4H.

Bell County 4H Youth Development Agent Brian Good explained some of the specifics concerning this year’s Cloverbuds Camp.

“4H does not start until a person is nine years old,” Good said. “A lot of young kids want to be involved in some programs, but they are just not 4H age yet.”

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According to Good, Cloverbuds Camp is for children 8 years old and younger.

“They can do activities that are age appropriate for them in the 4H curriculum,” Good said. “But it also gives them a little taste of what 4H is like, and that way when they become 4H age, it’s an easier transition going into 4H than it would be just starting out.”

Good noted there are other children’s programs that operate in a similar fashion.

“You could liken it to the Boy Scouts,” Good said. “You’ve got the Cub Scouts, then you become a Webelo and then a Boy Scout. That’s kind of what the Cloverbuds are.”

Good said Cloverbud activities are usually one-day events.

“We don’t really do a lot of overnight things as we do with 4H,” Good said. “We do day camps for the Cloverbuds, just to get them involved and get them used to the way 4H works.”

Good went over some of the activities Cloverbud campers will be taking part in this year.

“This year, we’re going to have it geared around our community helpers,” Good said. “Bell County Sheriff Mitch Williams and the Sheriff’s Department are going to be there. I think they’re going to have a K-9 there, there are going to be some police cars and vehicles there…so the children can have a good relationship with the Sheriff’s Department. I’m sure Sherriff Williams will probably have some freebies to give to the kids.”

Good said one of the local fire departments will also be there with a fire truck.

“I’m sure they’ll let the kids try the gear on,” Good said.

Air Evac is also expected to make an appearance at camp.

“They’re supposed to be bringing a helicopter, landing it and letting the kids talk to the staff that runs the helicopter,” Good said. “We’ll also have an ambulance crew there and the kids get to look in the ambulance. It’s really geared around our community helpers and service people.”

While the camp did not happen last year due to the pandemic, Cloverbuds Camp is an annual event.

The camp is free and lunch is provided.

“The only cost is the parent’s transportation to get them there,” Good said. “If you’ve got a child that may be interested in 4H or you just think this would be a good activity for them, bring them out and let them meet some new kids. Children have not had the opportunity to really socialize with each other in the last year or so, and this would be a good time to come out!”

Cloverbuds Camp will be at Veteran’s Park on US 119 in Pineville from 10 a.m. until noon on July 23.