That’s a wrap!
Laurel Cove Music Festival is a hit

Published 12:45 pm Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Laurel Cove Music Festival wrapped up on Saturday night, effectively kicking off what is expected to be a summer chock full of live shows at the venue.

Laurel Cove was the first major event in Bell County to take place after Gov. Andy Beshear lifted most COVID-19 restrictions on Friday, which coincided with the first day of the two-day event, allowing concert-goers to enjoy the music, food, and drink without being required to wear face masks or maintain social distance requirements.

“Thanks to everyone who came down for our second annual Laurel Cove Music Festival. We had an absolute blast and hope you did too! Can’t wait to see everyone soon,” reads a post on the event’s Facebook page.

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Laurel Cove got underway early Friday afternoon, with Short and Company in the opening slot. The day saw other acts including Wolfpen Branch, 49 Winchester, Morgan Wade, Sundy Best, and others. The acts filling Saturday’s schedule included Charlie Woods & Deep Hollow, Walter Debarr, Arlo McKinley, and the Lost Dog Street Band.

Many concertgoers spent some time checking out the vendors’ tents just outside the amphitheater before entering, going over the collection of t-shirts, crafts, jewelry, and other items before continuing on to check out the music coming from the stage. In the parking area, vehicles with license plates from areas such as Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Washington could be found, showing just how far fans of this music are willing to travel to see their favorite artists.

A large number of attendees took to the festival’s Facebook page to express their feelings concerning the show.

“I came all the way from Alaska and let me say it was very well worth it. Safe travels home to all the new friends I made,” said Facebook user Sally Naverre.

Randi Wecht also responded on the Laurel Cove Music Festival Facebook page.

“Thank you for putting on such a wonderful festival!” Wecht wrote. “Definitely the best festival and venue we’ve been to!”

There are multiple concerts coming up soon at the Laurel Cove Amphitheater, including Chris Knight with Tiffany Williams and Lance Rogers on July 9, Arlo McKinley with Chamberlain on Aug. 7, and Brent Cobb with Charles Wesley Godwin on Oct. 8.