PUBLIC RECORD April 23, 2021

Published 9:45 am Friday, April 23, 2021

Property Transfers

• ABC Property Kentucky, LLC, to Brown Acquisition & Development, LLC, property at Cumberland Avenue, Middlesboro;

• Jim Tom Williams to Jimmy Rogers Williams, Lots 1-4 BLK 3, Middlesboro;

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• Patricia Burnside to Robert V. Costanzo, property at Haywood RD, Middlesboro;

• Odell Asher to Kenny Asher, property at Odell Asher RD, Arjay;

• Shane A & Amy L. Wilder to Robert J Underwood, property at Brownies Creek;

•Marion Curtis Combs to Jack R Godbey, property at 25th Street;

•Danny W. Tuttle to Richard L. Tuttle, property at Meldrum;

• Jane E. Tuttle to Roger W. Tuttle, property at Meldrum;

• Bobby G Slusher to Abigail L. Nierman, property at Calloway RD, Pineville;

• Eddie T Turnder to John D. Hoskins, property at Hances Creek;

• Asher Land and Mineral, LLLP to Leland Stewart, property at Old Cross RD, Banks of Yellow Creek;

• Melissa Ann Reid to Hannah Warwick, property at Big Clear Creek;

• Michelle Lee Kiefer to John Ford Colby Slusher, property at Cumberland Ford Addition, Pineville;

• Kenneth H Rutherford to Dora S Stanley, property at 24th Street, Middlesboro;

• Jesse J & Brenda Buell to Anita K Miller, property at Swanson Road;

• William Murphy & Betty J Buell to Anita K Miller, property at Swanson Road;

• Charles Lamb to Asher Land and Mineral, LLLP, property at Crane Creek-Colmar;

• Dan F Partin to SEKY Construction, LLC, property at TN Ave, Pineville;

• James A Innings to Janice Miller, property at Lynnwood RD;

• EXR LLC to Kurtis Klingbeil, property at Warren RD;

• Vickie Kiefer to Michell Napier, property at Oak St, Pineville;

• Marcia A Kilby to Kelsey C Mason, property at Shillalah Village;


• Jonathan Brett Johnson to Summer Lynn Hoskins;

• Jeffery Longanruss Cox to Brooke Ellen Burchfield;

• Aaron Michael Johnson to Bethany Regan Miracle;

• Luther Teague to Christine Lynn Teague;

• Barry Joe Ferguson to Robin Michelle Partin;

• Bryan Scott Wade Ealy to Alicia Danielle Ramsey


• Penny Marie Barnett vs Ronnie Eugene Blanton;

• Timothy Allen Richardson vs Sandra Dee Richardson;

• Rebecca Nicole Simpson vs Otis Jesse Simpson;

• John Manis vs Darlene Daniels;

• Stephanie Amanda Earls vs Jeffrey Evan Earls;

• Justin Davis vs Heather Davis