LMU to begin phased approach to expanding campus access

Published 5:13 pm Friday, February 19, 2021

Contingent on current COVID-19 situation


LMU President Clayton Hess

Based on rapidly decreasing COVID-19 case counts in the Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) service areas, President Clayton Hess has announced that LMU will begin a phased approach to expanding access to campus facilities beginning on Monday, March 1, 2021.

The university’s administration has coordinated with the LMU COVID-19 Task Force to develop steps to work toward returning University operations to pre-pandemic standards. The plan is based on the current, continued decline of new COVID-19 cases in the regions of all University locations. Data from appropriate databases in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and Florida are reviewed regularly. Phases may be reversed or revised based on trending virus spread. Announcement of new phases will be dependent on case counts and data trends.

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“LMU has benefited from having a number of faculty experts, including a former CDC epidemiologist, who have guided our policies and conduct from the beginning of the pandemic,” Hess said. “Our goal is to create effective policies to conduct safe University business and activities while our community continues on the pandemic recovery. This a positive step toward recovery, but it is dependent on our community continuing to take precautions and follow guidance.”

The first phase of expanded access to LMU will affect general operations, classrooms, athletics, domestic travel and employee leave. The updated advice includes:

• Campus facilities, events and activities will be opened to the public and will adhere to current mask and physical distancing guidelines.
• Non-academic facilities and/or non-academic events will operate at a maximum of 50% capacity.
• Cleaning and sanitation plans for events must be in place and coordinated with housekeeping.

Classroom limited seating capacities will be lifted for academic course and activities.

Athletic activities must continue to meet NCAA, SAC, and LMU (or host institution) guidelines.

University-sponsored domestic travel will be expanded to include any travel that does not require mass public transportation such as air travel. Existing travel protocols that allow for public transportation will continue.

LMU has limited access to university facilities since last March, prohibiting public events and limiting guest access to facilities. Additionally, further mitigation efforts were employed to reduce the spread throughout the university community. These tactics were successful as LMU case counts have remained low.

There is not a specific timeline for moving to the next phase of campus access.

Lincoln Memorial University is a values-based learning community dedicated to providing educational experiences in the liberal arts and professional studies. The main campus is located in Harrogate, Tennessee. For more information about the undergraduate and graduate programs available at LMU, contact the Office of Admissions at 423-869-6280 or e-mail at admissions@lmunet.edu.