No Space, No Problem: 5 Vegetables You Can Grow From a Container

Published 6:24 am Monday, February 1, 2021

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Do you want to start a vegetable garden in your own home? Set aside your dilemmas about it and start planting and harvesting your own crops even with your little yard space. All you need is a container!

Nowadays, there are limited spaces in our homes especially when living in an urbanized area. Wherever we are, we still crave to be near nature and fresh vegetables. Vegetables do not need to be harvested from a huge farm; some of them can thrive in small pots. Here are some plants you can take care of while utilizing  small spaces.


Asparagus is a healthy vegetable that can be grown using a pot. Asparagus is filled with nutrients and is delicious at the same time. It can be treated as a snack or can be added in your meals and salads.

You would want your asparagus fresh from your home garden to get all the nutrients it can offer. You can consume lots of vitamins and minerals from it while just consuming low calories.

An asparagus has essential vitamins and minerals like folate, vitamins A, C, and K. It also contains antioxidants, dietary fibers, and potassium. This means that it helps with your digestive tract, pregnancy, and blood pressure.

To grow asparagus in a pot, you would need a container that is between seven and eight inches deep and between three and six inches wide. It can be grown indoors as long as it is exposed to full sun. You can find out more here to properly take care of this vegetable. 


Tomatoes are also good to grow in your home garden. Preferably, you should put it in a bigger container but it works with small ones, too. It is one of the easiest vegetables to take care of.

Tomatoes can be eaten in many ways. It can be used in pastas, sandwiches, soups, salads, salsa, wraps, kebabs, and noodles. It is also full of nutrients that can protect you from cancer, and lower blood pressure as well as strengthen muscles.

This vegetable can grow all year round but it thrives well during summers. The healthy temperature for tomatoes is 50-90 degrees.It also needs deep, moist soil but not too soggy. Also, it needs to be watered frequently as it might start wilting. 


Lettuce is one of the salad staples. It is one of the most popular crops used in mixed vegetables. Planting this vegetable will motivate you to eat mindfully and healthy. Also, it will help you get used to eating greens and getting them fresh as well. 

Lettuce is used in salads because it is rich in fiber, water, and vitamins which will help with your nervous system and digestive system. Aside from being healthy, it is also crispy as well and it will help your salad greens become more tasty. You only need a small container to grow lettuce. Small yet wide containers work best for them. In addition to that, each container needs to have small holes. 

In planting lettuce, you can try the  “cut-and-come-again” concept. Lettuces planted in this method can be harvested many times. This way of planting only needs little space. Like the previous vegetables, lettuce also loves sunlight. Although it thrives in cooler weather and it only needs a little amount of sunlight per day.


Spinach is one of the healthiest and nutrient-filled vegetables. It can be mixed with your salads, shakes, soups, pizzas, and wraps. It mixes well with other guilty pleasure food which makes it easier to eat. A little garden space should not deprive you of having a healthy and balanced diet. Having spinach in your home will help you give fresh produce which means more potent nutrients.

The nutrients spinach has are good for the cardiovascular system, eye health, and cancer prevention. It is also easy to grow in containers. When grown in containers, it is easy to maintain and it needs to be harvested quickly. This can be placed beside the window or in a balcony.


Buying Quinoa from the grocery store is expensive and impractical. It became a trendy grain because it is a good replacement and is a healthier carbohydrate alternative as compared to rice.

People who are trying to lose weight and be fitter buy quinoa no matter how expensive it is. However, for those who are saving, it is time to plant your quinoa in your own home. Good news is, quinoa can be planted in a container. It is low maintenance and can grow in any pots. This plant can grow during fall.


Even if we are getting more domesticated and our jobs are far from being a farmer, we can still plant and grow crops through having a gardening hobby in our own homes. People are being more innovative nowadays as we find ways to incorporate nature and greens in urbanized households. 

Our problem with having less plants in our concrete lands can be solved thanks to these home gardening tips! Through planting healthy vegetables through containers, we found ways to live an organic and healthier lifestyle.