Public record Nov. 4, 2020

Published 1:14 pm Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Joseph Andrew Coats to India Shyann Barnett, 11/02/20
Tony Dwayne Carpenter to Rhonda Ranae Case, 10/31/20
John Fitzgerald King to Earlana Jean Foutch, 10/30/20
Tyler Darius Meister, to Emily Renee Nickell, 10/29/20
Brian Christopher Taylor to Stephanie Marie Leah, 10/28/20
Jeffery Lynn Stevens to Opal Louise Hubbard, 10/26/20
Austin Billy Glen Fultz to Keirstian Hannah Leigh Hall, 10/24/20
Mathew Blake Laws to Brianna Lynn Back, 10/22/20
Dakota Isaac Smith to Erin Renee Saunders, 10/20/20
Brandon Ray Tierney to Kristin Kelli Wethington, 10/20/20
William Bradley Carver to Morgan Taylor Borden, 10/19/20
Benjamin Dewayne Collett to Mikayla Hope Hyatt, 10/15/20
Garret Lloyd Johnson to Kristen Denise Huddleston, 10/13/20

Joe Thomas Crawford to Paul Brian Crawford, property on Lower Christy Rd, 11/2/20
Jerry Wayne Irvin to Tony Brooks, property at Ole Pineville Rd, 10/30/20
Linda Sue Todd to Thomas J. Brock, property at Bradfordtown, 10/30/20
Lindsey C. Ross to Benjamin Madon, property a W. Tennessee Ave. Pineville, 10/29/20
Jacob D. Hampton to Christopher Baker, property at Vista Venado, 10/29/20
John F. Green to Jason A Sanders, property on Hwy 119, 10/27/20
Donald Wilson to Michael Rogers, property at Caldwell Cem. Road, Stoney Fork, 10/27/20
Thomas Miracle to Eunice Dunn, property at Giles Subdivision, 10/27/20
James Edward Fuston to Anthony Robbins, property at Middlesboro, 10/27/20
Charles Albert York to Pat Howerton Jr, property at Cemetery Hollow Rd, 10/27020
Lloyd Wayne Bray Jr to David Helton, property at Wilson Lane, 10/26/20
Justin Caruso to Trevor Lowe, property at Wilson Lane, 10/26/20
Robert Wayne Green to Jennifer Erin Green, property at 8th Street and Avondale, 10/26/20
Jana S & Dale B. Covington to Gerald D. Davis, property at Bennett’s Fork, 10/23/20
Rec. Ky. LLC to Richard L Banta, property at Brush Mtn. Farms, 10/23/20
Ed Ealy to Ron Ealy, property at Right Fork of Straight Creek, 10/23/20
Margaret Mack Lee to Walter L. & Tanis Sparks, property at Chester Ave., Middlesboro, 10/22/20
Tony E. Caldwell to Michael D & Sabrina Lawson, Land in Bell Co. Left fork of Straight Creek, 10/22/20
G. Keith Gambrel to Charles B. Jones, property at Arjay, 10/20/20
G. Keith Gambrel to Charles B Jones, property at Arjay, Wiser Branch, 10/20/20
Darrell D. & Priscilla K. Lowe to Shannon L Smith, property at Laurel Hill, 10/19/20
Chris Anthony Patrick to Ashley Lenora Patrick, property 21st Street in Middlesboro, 10/16/20
Commercial Bank to Suzanne & Andrea Lee, property at Vista Venado, 10/16/20
Trinity Stigal to Bonnie Stigal, property at Brownies Creek, 10/16/20
Beatrice Swain to Beatrice Swain, property at Right Fork of Straight Creek, 10/15020
John T. Epperson to Shoffner Management, LLC, property in Middlesboro, 10/14/20
William & Heather Lesak to Michael King, property in Middlesboro, 10/13/20
Warren Gilbert to Robert Brown Gilbert, property in Laurel County, 10/12020
Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB to EXR, LLc, property on Warren Rd, Pineville, 10/12/20
Lenville & Barbara Fuson to Misty & Tia Posseil, property on Hwy 92, Greasy Creek, 10/12/20

Ricky and Jennifer Pletcher, dissolution of marriage, 10/26/20
Clifford Patterson v Rhonda Patterson, dissolution of marriage, 10/026/20
Kaytlynn Miracle v Justin Miracle, dissolution of marriage 10/28/20