Reader appreciates those who keep Bell County clean

Published 8:33 am Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Dear Editor,
Your article Saturday on the Bell County Solid Waste Board made me think about how we should all
appreciate the hard work of the citizens who make up this board.
We have good, dependable, convenient, affordable garbage pickup. I am particularly grateful for the
men who pick up my garbage. As an elderly widow who needs a walker, I would find it extremely
difficult to get my garbage down my steep driveway to the curb. But I don’t need to worry. My
wonderful garbage man comes to the side of the house to pick it up each and every week.
I am also grateful to the Solid Waste Board for supplying us with a recycling center so we can all do one small thing to help our environment. Again, I would have trouble getting my blue recycling bag to the curb, but I don’t need to try. I simply accumulate my recyclables until I have my car trunk full and then drive down to the recycling center. Immediately someone will come out and unload the trunk for me. Last week it must have been 90 degrees in the shade and there was no shade at the center where they were dealing with a veritable mountain of cardboard. I had to have been just another aggravation in a long, hot day and yet two workmen immediately came over and with smiles and a cheerful greeting unloaded my car.
Thank you, Solid Waste Board and all those of you who work for it.

Ann Matheny

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