Public records must remain accessible for all

Published 10:02 am Friday, January 24, 2020

I believe in a transparent, open government. Every U.S. citizen has the right to easy access of the actions performed by our governmental agencies. This is what allows for effective public oversight. Nothing should be withheld from American citizens when it comes to our government offices and officials.

Our 2020 Kentucky legislative session is debating allow local governments the option to post their required public announcements online. What this means to each and every Kentucky citizens is going to a website for every government office or department to see what is posted. What a nightmare trying to look up information on each city government, each government department, each school system. The list would be unending. It so much easier to pick up your local newspaper where any notice of a public meeting would be announced as are any changes in your tax rate and any rate increases to your utilities.

Maybe you own a construction company and would be interested on filling a bid for a new governmental building or maybe you sell automobiles and would like to know if a city department is taking bids for a new vehicle. All public notices are now conveniently located in one easy to find location in your local newspaper.

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If you prefer to view such public information via a website, your Kentucky newspapers have a website already established and running ( Each Kentucky newspaper supplies their classified pages to this website. This compiles all information into one easy-to-use webpage that is searchable by city, county, newspaper or date. This is your newspaper’s way of making this valuable service available to every citizen in all communities in print or online.

Let’s continue to support an open, transparent governmental policy, just as our forefathers intended, with openness, communication and accountability.