Community leaders make resolutions for New Year

Published 2:11 pm Monday, December 30, 2019

As the new year approaches we all make resolutions and strive to make better choices. This year the leaders in our community are making their resolutions for how to make our community better.

Pineville Mayor Scott Madon made his resolution for the city of Pineville saying, “I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I wish health and happiness for all. I pledge to continue to plan for the opening of the Appalachian Wildlife Center and create a wholesome family environment in our community. Happy New Year to all!”

Middlesboro Mayor Rick Nelson had this to say when it comes to making resolutions for the new year, “My number one resolution will be to work harder to make sure Middlesboro is on a firm financial foundation,” he said. “Number two is to work harder to make sure everyone gets involved to make Middlesboro a cleaner place to live and make sure employees have all the resources they need to serve her citizens and fill empty buildings.”

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