Hobo loves Hunting Island

Published 6:30 am Saturday, November 30, 2019

By Howard Baker

Contributing Writer

Hobo’s travels came up in conversation with a friend who suggested Hunting Island, South Carolina as a future destination. It didn’t take long for us to book our trip to the beach for a couple of days of relaxation before the holiday season. We loaded up the motorhome and headed to Hunting Island — what a great suggestion and destination.

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Hobo the Wonder Dog found Hunting Island to be extremely pet friendly and with only a few places he could not take advantage. Our first encounter at the campground was with Denise who greeted us with a huge smile even before we had come to a complete stop. We were quickly and efficiently checked-in complete with rules and expectations for pets. Only a few areas are off limits to four-legged guest on the island. The northern tip of the island is a bird sanctuary and the interior of the lighthouse were the only areas we noticed off limits to Fido.

The Chapel of Ease is just down the road — pet friendly and well worth the effort to take in while in the area. Built in the mid-1700’s the tabby walls are all that remain of the house of worship. Picturesque in a beautiful area filled with history. If the Chapel of Ease isn’t enough — another great stop in history is the Old Sheldon Church Ruins. Even the road leading to the ruins is tree covered with whimsical Spanish moss giving an ambiance of southern hospitality. Both attractions are pet friendly and worth including in your trip.

As with any trip including Fido remember the basics — pick up any pet waste, do not allow your pet to use landscaping around an attraction or place of business. Keep your pooch on a leash no more than six feet long. Be mindful everyone might not be as enthusiastic about Fido being allowed in public places. We must be good stewards of the privilege to travel with our pets. Most people do not remember the well-behaved owner and pet—they remember the yappy dog who peed on their landscape. Prior preparation prevents Fido from being ill-behaved in public and assures a good time for all.

Our first trip to the beach has been positive except for one health risk — sand burrs. These pesky burrs caused Hobo a painful few minutes and had to be pulled from his paw. Other than the burrs we had an awesome time. Hunting Island State Park is a new favorite destination for Hobo the Wonder Dog. Friendly staff offering southern hospitality to all members of our family.

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