Recanvass held by Bell County Board of Election

Published 10:37 am Monday, November 18, 2019

The Bell County Board of Election conducted a recanvass on Thursday for the Kentucky Governor’s race. According to County Clerk Debbie Gambrel, there were no changes for Bell County.

A recanvass is a check of the vote totals from each voting machine and absentee ballots.

“I take every election very serious,” Gambrel said. “I have strong confidence and trust in our voting system from my staff to our election precinct workers, and our election team works very hard to make sure that every vote gets counted.”

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Numbers reported are as follows for race:

Matthew G. Bevin (Rep) 3398

Ralph A. Alvardo


Andy Beshear (Dem) 2013

Jacqueline Coleman


John Hicks (Lib) 98

Ann Cormican


Blackii Effing Whyte 0

Douglas G. Estridge