Crater of Hope Youth Club launching in December

Published 3:34 pm Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Crater of Hope, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of a Youth Club. The club will start on Dec. 2, and the goal is to start small and grow larger.

“Since I started Crater of Hope in 2015, I have heard some amazing stories from people and their recovery,” explained Crater of Hope coordinator Jeannie Allen. “Every story includes a child, but no one seems to be reaching out to help the children deal with this.”

The program will start with any fourth-grader who may be interested in joining on Monday and Wednesday.

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Allen explained that it has always been a goal with Crater of Hope to assist the children. After completing the mural in spring, it was a realization that the kids that are crying out for the most attention were the fifth-graders.

“I remember my transition from elementary to middle school and how confused I was not knowing who I was,” Allen explained of her middle school years. “In August 2019, Crater of Hope officially became Crater of Hope, Inc. a 501(C)3.”

She said she was then approached by someone who was then employed by Berea College, who asked if a funder was available what would she want to see take place with Crater of Hope.

“I instantly answered a youth program.” exclaimed Allen. “A funder, who I will address later, wrote a check to Crater of Hope, Inc. for the implementation of this service.”

Although Crater of Hope, Inc. Youth Club will only be focused on fourth-graders, Allen believes that by empowering them with leadership skills, community self-pride and prevention that it will be a start to helping the next generation know that they are cared for.

“We want them to become educated and make a difference right here,” she said. “This service will not be limited to children in need. We want all fourth-graders to take advantage of this service.”

Allen continued to explain that this is just one of the services that will be offered to the students.

“The city has also received a grant for a mentoring program in which we are very excited about,” she continued. “The goal is to collaborate together to offer our students the tools needed to be a great leader. Our future of our community greatly depends on this next generation.”

The program will be housed at Shiloh Church facilities, but it is not a faith-based program.

“We will have volunteers from Shiloh and demonstrating the love of God, but no religious curriculum will be added. Everyone has had a background check, been drug tested and had CPR training.”

Allen explained that they have a wonderful staff with very compassionate hearts.

“The program is a free service to help all fourth-graders prepare for middle school,” she said. “Our curriculum will consist of Leadership and Life Skills, Community and Self-Pride and Prevention.”

If you have a fourth-grader who may be interested in this service, be on the lookout for papers to be sent home from their school the third week of November.

The program will be located at 1507 Exeter Avenue on Monday and Wednesday from 3 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.

If you have any questions about the Youth Club, you can e-mail them to