Locals square off for city council seat

Published 11:29 am Friday, November 1, 2019

Election time is upon us. While local elections are limited this year, voters within the state will cast their choice for several statewide offices. The General Election will take place on Tuesday. Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. According to the State Board of Elections, if you are in line at 6 p.m., you will be allowed to vote.

In Middlesboro, the only local race on the ballot is for an unexpired term on the city council. The seat became open after former councilman Kevin Barnett vacated his seat to take a position as the superintendent of the Middlesboro Street Department.

Those running for the vacated city council seat include: Patsy Sullivan, Clarence “Bo” Green and Scotty Branham.

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The only local race in the Pineville is to fill an unexpired term on the Pineville Board of Education. Christopher Don Arnett is running unopposed.

On the statewide level, incumbent Matt Bevin, and new running mate Ralph A. Alvarado, is taking on Democrat Andy Beshear and running mate Jacqueline Coleman in the Governor’s race. Libertarian candidate John Hicks and running mate Ann Cormican is also on the ballot.

In the race for Secretary of State, Republican Michael G. Adams is running against Democrat and former Miss America title holder Heather French Henry.

In another heated battle statewide, Republican Daniel Cameron will battle Gregory D. Stumbo for the Attorney General seat. Incumbent Mike Harmon and Democrat Sheri Donahue will duke it out for the position of Auditor of Public Accounts. Libertarian Kyle Hugenberg is also on the ballot.

In the race for State Treasurer, incumbent Allison Ball will take on Michael Bowman. Incumbent Ryan F. Quarles will battle Democrat Robert Haley Conway and Libertarian Josh Gilpin for the Commissioner of Agriculture seat.

In a nonpartisan battle, Jacqueline M. Caldwell and Michael O. Caperton will face-off for the unexpired term of Judge of the Court of Appeals, 3rd Appellate District, 1st Division.

Below is a list of voting locations in Bell County based on the voting precinct:

• Arjay — Arjay Fire Station;

• Beverly — Red Bird Senior Citizens Facility;

• Binghamtown — Binghamtown Baptist Church;

• Blackmont — Calloway Fire Station;

• Brownies Creek — Brownies Creek Fire Station;

• City Hall — Middlesboro Fire Station;

• Clear Creek — Clear Creek Fire Station;

• Dorchester — Middlesboro Civic Center;

• Dorton Branch — Bethlehem Baptist Church;

• East End — Middlesboro Preschool;

• Edgewood — Middlesboro High School Gym Lobby;

• Exeter — Southside Baptist Church;

• Greasy Creek — Lone Jack School;

• Hutch — Colmar Fire Station;

• Junction — Shiloh Church;

• Laurel A — Page Elementary School;

• Laurel B — Bell County High School;

• Lone Jack — Lone Jack School;

• Meldrum — Bell County High School;

• Noetown — Middlesboro High School Gym Lobby;

• Page — Page Elementary School;

• Pineville Central — First Christian Church;

• Pineville East — Pineville Library;

• Pineville West — First Baptist Church;

• Right Fork — Right Fork School;

• Southside — Middlesboro Library;

• Straight Creek — Right Fork School;

• Sutty — Frakes School;

• West Central — Covenant United Methodist Church;

• Winchester — Middlesboro Civic Center.