Roop completes first marathon at 59

Published 12:28 pm Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Inspiration is more effective, more powerful and stronger than just willpower by itself. Furthermore, his brother motivation could kick willpowers butt any day of the week including weekends and holidays.

I know what you are thinking about this unequivocal comment right? This guy is trying to persuade me to buy something that I cannot afford. A get rich quick scheme that will be income for someone else.

No, I am just illustrating the enormous possibilities when the human spirit has been stirred by external positive influences like the memorialization of a loved one that has passed — mom and sad, brother, sister, cousin, aunt or special friend.

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That, coupled with the intense emotional spiritual connection given by God, can enable you to accomplish any goal that you wish to achieve. That’s what led me to complete my first full marathon (26.2-mile run) at the Seven Bridges Marathon in Chattanooga, Tenn. on Oct. 20 at the age of 59.

Run for those who can’t, inspire those who can.