October is Adopt a Dog Month

Published 2:48 pm Friday, October 4, 2019

Be a hero this month and adopt a shelter dog.

Since 1981, the American Humane Society of the United States has celebrated “Adopt-a-Dog Month” designated throughout the month of October.

The month is set aside as an effort to help the estimated 3.4 million animals that are waiting in shelters every year to be taken to their forever homes that they deserve.

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For the entire month of October, the Friends of the Bell County Animal Shelter (FOS) will be paying half the adoption fee for any puppy or adult dog adopted from the Bell County Animal Shelter.

That means you pay only $35. That price covers having your pet spayed or neutered, examined, and vaccinated for rabies, parvo and distemper.

The Friends of the Bell County Animal Shelter encourage you to use the “Rule of Three” when adopting a dog.

• Three Days – Your new dog is trying to figure out their new home and family;

• Three Weeks – They have figured out that they will live with you and start a routine;

• Three Months – Your dog has become a part of the family.

It is important to give them a little time to adjust, just like you have to adjust to new surroundings.

Make sure that you hurry out to the shelter through the month of October because your best friend is waiting for you.