City of Pineville awarded discretionary funds from state

Published 3:21 pm Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Commissioner of Rural Municipal Road Aid for the Commonwealth of Kentucky made a special visit to Pineville Thursday to announce the award of discretionary funds that will go to resurfacing roadways within the city. Pineville is receiving $109,740 in funds that will go toward resurfacing West Kentucky and Alabama Avenue.

“I appreciate you letting me come down today,” Commissioner Tomblyn said as he shook Mayor Madon’s hand. “I just want to say that some of you have heard me talk about this before. When Governor Bevin appointed me as commissioner of Rural Municipal Aid, he made it my mission and my offices mission to travel the Commonwealth and work with local officials especially with the small rural communities to address infrastructure needs and to never play politics.”

Tomblyn said that Bevin said at the end of the day, black top is black and it’s not red or blue.

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“They’re not democratic or republican roads, they are Kentucky roads for Kentucky people,” he explained. “It should never matter what political letter is beside your county’s name, your town’s name, your name, none of that should ever matter when it comes to the safety of our traveling family and friends.”

“We are grateful for Governor Bevin’s administration and the Department of Transportation and Rural Municipal Road Aid for their attention and assistance on this significant road project for Pineville,” Madon said.

Tomblyn said he knows the challenges that many towns and rural communities are facing financially.

“I know that at the municipal level you are cash strapped, and there are a lot of challenges you face on a daily basis,” he explained. “On the state level, we have a lot of financial challenges that we are trying to address and we are a part of the same team.”

He said that it doesn’t matter if it is at the state, county or local level, we should all be working together to move forward.

“Governor Bevin has awarded in discretionary funds which is different from municipal road aid,” he explained. “It is a separate allocation to the transportation cabinet that gives the governor the flexibility to disseminate projects throughout Kentucky.”

“The generous support delivered by Commissioner Tomblyn and the governor will allow us to pave all remaining streets in the Wallsend community to follow the Tennessee Avenue repairs that occurred last year,” Mayor Madon explained. “We are honored that the unique heritage and role of our city within the Commonwealth of Kentucky are acknowledged by our state leadership through effective and vital programs such as this one.”

Commissioner Tomblyn reiterated Madon’s recognition of the state leadership working together with the local and rural communities.

“I think today is a great day for Pineville,” Tomblyn said. “I think it shows the fruits of a working relationship between their leadership and the Bevin administration.”

He said this is not the end by receiving the award but the beginning.

“We are going to continue to work with local communities throughout the Commonwealth to address infrastructure and we are going to continue to do that,” he said. “I appreciate you letting me come down.”

A date has not been set for when the resurfacing will take place.