Bell County cross country continues to dominate

Published 4:39 pm Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Bell County cross country team continues their dominant run in all age groups after a wonderful showing at the Berea Community Invitational meet on Sept. 28.

In the boys 1600-meter run, Bell County took five of the top nine spots. Nicholas Stewart finished in first place with a time of 6:03.88. Elijah Hampton finished in second place with a time of 6:27.97. Reese Arno took third place with a time of 6:37.88.

Jacob Brannon took seventh place with a time of 6:51.15. Tanner Simpson took ninth place with a time of 6:59.81. Eli Knuckles rounded things out for Bell County, taking the 40th spot out of 141 runners with a time of 8:02.50. Bell County won the event as a team with a total time of 33:00.69.

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In the boys 3k run, the Bobcats took two of the top six spots. Hayden Green finished in second place with a time of 11.53.78. Braydin Hickey finished in sixth with a time of 12:28.75. Jeremiah Saylor grabbed a 52nd place finish, Landon Eldridge locked down the 54th spot, Hunter Smith finished in 56th and Dawson Brown finished in 63rd.

Kaylin Hickey grabbed a first place finish in the girls 5,000 with a time of 30:38.22. Nathan Miracle finished seventh in the boys 5000 with a time of 22:20.44. Noah Stewart finished 15th with a time of 24:26.69. Isaiah Ingram finished 19th and Nate Saylor finished 21st.

Jazmine Brannon finished ninth in the women’s varsity 5k run, with a time of 22.55.66. In the boys varsity 5k, Caden Miracle finished in third with a time of 16:56.75. Johanan Woodring grabbed 30th with a time of 19:48.25. Jacob Robbins finished 58th, Peyton Mason finished 65th, Bryson Baker finished 68th, James Arno finished 71st and Lucas Miracle finished 87th.

“I was real pleased with how the kids raced Saturday,” said Bell County coach Jason Stewart. “Caden finished as the third best runner in the state. He’s right on track for where he should be heading into the last few weeks of the regular season.

“The rest of the varsity boys are working hard and they’ll be ready for the postseason. I thought Jazmine raced really well in girls varsity, great effort from her today. All of the middle school and elementary kids raced hard today. The elementary boys picked up another big win, and I’m very proud of all of them.”