Brock transferred to Knox Co., Tenn., facing multiple fraud charges

Published 3:47 pm Monday, September 30, 2019

Matthew Brock, once connected with Pineville Community Hospital as their chief financial officer and a variety of other groups is in jail again and this time he is in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Brock was arrested by the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office and charged with criminal simulation and forgery on a case that occurred Sept. 2. Brock entered an agreement for the lease of a building located in Tazewell. Brock used the alias of Thomas Ryan Brock and associated it with AMT Holdings, LLC which was discovered to be nonexistent.

Brock was then transferred to the Knox County Tennessee Detention Center to face even more charges of theft. According to WRIL, the affidavits filed against Brock are the charge of a computer offense between $10,000 and $60,000 that took place in October of 2018.

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According to the complaint, Brock sent a document called “loan information summary report” to the victim by email. It represented “John Ferguson of DML Capital Group” as providing a $2.5-million dollar loan to Brock with a funding date of Oct. 12, 2018. Brock requested $10,000 from the victim and stated the victim could cash a $20,000 check on Oct. 12 for a return on investment.

On Oct. 12, the victim cashed the check from Brock and it was returned for insufficient funds.

The victim attempted to contact Brock several times to resolve the issue and then John Ferguson was contacted. He stated there was no such agreement with Brock for any loan. The complaint states that Brock knowingly accessed and used a computer and computer network to obtain the $10,000 under false pretenses from the victim.

The other charge, theft of property $10,000-$60,000 from July 27, 2019, involves Fountain City Jewelers in Knoxville. Brock is charged with writing a check from First Bank to the business for $10,811.33 to purchase gold and diamond ring that Brock stated was for his wife.

On July 29, 2019, Fountain City Jewelers attempted to verify the check was valid and was told by the bank that it was written on a closed account. The jewelers made contact with Brock who stated he would have another check sent from Wells Fargo Bank, but when the check was not received, Brock was again contacted and stated he would have one mailed from Bank of America.

Fountain City Jewelers did receive a check from Wells Fargo with the name Frank Brock on it, Matthew’s father. When that check was found to have a stop payment placed on it, owner Mark Enix made contact with Brock to have him make payment or return the ring.

Brock then told Enix that he had given the ring to his attorney, Jared Graceu, and would return it on August 7, 2019. However, it was discovered that on Monday afternoon July 27, 2019 – just 4 hours after the purchase – Matthew Brock pawned the ring at Cash America on Western Avenue for $1550.00.

Matthew Brock has had several charges in at least two states and multiple jurisdictions. At least two of those counties have revoked his bond on previous charges.

Brock remains in the Knox County Detention Center and the next known court appearance in Knox County is October 28, 2019.

WRIL, The Big 106.3 contributed to information in this article from affidavits provided to Brian O’Brien from the Knox County Court System.