Bell County home visit lands man back in jail

Published 3:31 pm Monday, September 30, 2019

A Bell County man is back in jail after a home visit led to his probation violation.

Deputies with the Bell County Sheriff’s Office made a visit to the home of Kenneth Carl Erwin on reports of drug related activity at his home.

Erwin is being held on the charges of first offense cultivating marijuana over five plants, first degree possession of controlled substance methamphetamine, buying possession drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, and a felony offense probation violation.

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According to a press release from the sheriff’s office, when officers arrived at the home they came into contact with Erwin, Rayann Blevins and a visitor. All three were detained and read their Miranda rights.

When officers entered the home, Deputy Edward Dray detected a strong scent of marijuana. In plain sight of the master bedroom was a flower pot with a plant approximately 3.5 feet in height, and according to the release, it is believed to be marijuana. Also located in the master bedroom was a small metal spoon that contained a clear crystal substance believed to be crystal methamphetamine. Dray found a clear glass pipe/bulb on the dresser that contained what is believed to also be methamphetamine.

Officers found what they believe to be marijuana in a small clear plastic bag that contained a green leafy substance and a capped syringe that according to the report was “loaded” and believed to be a controlled substance. In a kitchen cabinet, they discovered numerous syringes and needles that were capped, aluminum foil, scissors, and numerous small clear plastic bags, which were also found throughout the home.

Erwin was found to have two outstanding criminal summons against him and Blevins to have three outstanding arrest warrants on her.

Blevins was cited to court due to a variety of serious medical conditions.

Erwin was placed under arrest and taken to the Bell County Detention Center. He is being held with no bond.