Middlesboro’s Levitt AMP Music Series a beautiful example for the rest of the country

Published 1:19 pm Monday, September 9, 2019

The Executive Director of the Levitt AMP Foundation visited Middlesboro for the second time since 2015 and is very impressed with the evolution that has taken place over the last four years.

Sharon Yazowski is the executive director and says she often points to Middlesboro about the beautiful example it is setting for the rest of the country.

“Middlesboro is a beautiful example of how the community comes together not only at the concerts but how the community comes together to build the concerts and sustain the concerts,” Yazowski said. “I often point to Middlesboro of a wonderful example that it doesn’t matter what size your town is or where your town is. It’s about people coming together and wanting what’s best for their town.”

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She explained that following her visit in 2015, she has continued to hear about the evolution that is taking place in Middlesboro and was excited to experience it for herself.

“Middlesboro compares to other cities, and the success that’s been here is a leading example being one of the first Levitt AMP series,” Yazowski said. “It has led the way and our partnership with Middlesboro has informed how the program has evolved and how it can be effective in other communities. When the representatives from Middlesboro come to the meeting every year, they are sharing their expertise and their experience.”

As part of her position, she travels across the country to Levitt communities and said the special thing about Levitt is that it attracts people who recognize music as a powerful tool to be catalytic in elevating the community overall in terms of economic impact and social impact.

“We can say Middlesboro is exceptional because of how the town continues to elevate its series and more people get engaged,” she explained. “We see every year as the program has grown it becomes a bigger and larger community of people making it happen. We really point to Middlesboro as a way of community coming together.”

She pointed out that it’s been brilliant to see the partnerships with the media combined with the talent and how that has leveraged Middlesboro to be a regional destination for entertainment.

“Levitt is an extremely proud partner of Middlesboro,” she said. “We brag about you across the country about you in terms of the impact of music as an economic catalyst and a social impact. We are honored that you have made Levitt a part of your community.”

This Thursday on the Levitt Stage will be Grammy award nominee Sister Sadie, who will perform at 7:30 p.m.