YMCA rep visits Middlesboro to discuss future options

Published 2:34 pm Saturday, August 31, 2019

Photo submitted

The City of Middlesboro is taking steps forward to see if the community could support a YMCA, both financially and membership wise. David Osborne from the Lexington YMCA visited with council members and Middlesboro Mayor Rick Nelson earlier this week to go over finances and membership numbers. According to Mayor Nelson, this is a process that has to happen to see if the community would support a YMCA. “Does this mean we are getting a YMCA,” Nelson asked. “No, it does not, but it goes through the steps to see if we qualify for one.” Pictured from left to right are council members Bill Smith, Judy Grandey, Boone Bowling, Terry Poore, and David Osborne from Lexington YMCA.

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