Several jobs still available through AmeriCorps at Bell Co. High School

Published 2:13 pm Monday, August 19, 2019

For the first time ever in Bell County PFE PartnerCorps is being offered through AmeriCorps, and there are still job opportunities available.

The jobs available are through a service that is funded through Berea College.

Natalie Steele presented the information to Middlesboro City Council in the regular July council meeting. Steele encouraged the community to apply for the openings available. The program provides tutoring and mentoring services in the high schools in the counties it serves.

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“This is the first time that Bell County has had a PFE PartnerCorps/AmeriCorps grant,” Steele explained. “It is going to be housed at Bell County High School and I have 20 member slots.”

Members have to have 60 college credit hours and provide transcripts. Applicants will also undergo a background check and social media check. Members can earn a monthly living allowance of $1,272 before taxes.

“At the end of their first and second years of service they receive the equivalent to Pell and right now Pell is $6,095,” Steele said. “They can only be an AmeriCorps member for four years. So, those first two years are vital to get your bang for your buck. They will be tutoring and mentoring all Bell County High School students.”

Members focus heavily on high school math tutoring and core subject tutoring, grade and attendance monitoring, and parent engagement. A member provides services during school hours and may also complete hours during school sanctioned after school activities.

“I shared a flyer on Facebook a few weeks ago, I got about 55 shares,” Steele said. “I got one applicant from all of those Facebook shares and that was really disheartening to me because I live here and I would really like to show out. They have put me in this position because I live here and I’m not afraid to go talk to people.”

The typical full-time schedule begins in August and is completed in June/July of the following year. A member’s typical daily schedule is from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with a 30 minute lunch Monday through Friday.

“If you know anybody, please call me, please e-mail me,” she encouraged. “If there are people you think I should be talking to please let me know if I have not already talked to them, I will.”

The program serves Bell County High School, Knox Central High School, Leslie County High School, and Perry County High School.

Upon successful completion of the member’s term of service, the member will receive an education award from the National Service Trust. For successful completion of a full-time member, they will receive an education award in the amount of $6,095.

Half and quarter time slots will receive their respective percentage of the full-term award. This money can be used to pay of student debt or used toward future education. Members may also qualify for putting loans into forbearance. The award must be used within seven years of your service.

Members are eligible for health care through Berea College and may also qualify for child care assistance.

For more information or questions if you are interested and live in Bell County, you can contact Natalie Steele at 859-302-0849.