Meet The Mountain Lions has huge turnout

Published 12:46 pm Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Lion’s Den was in an uproar on Wednesday as the community of Pineville turned out in big numbers to “Meet the Mountain Lions” in the Pineville High School gym. Students from first grade through high school were introduced as members of all of the various sports teams and marching band.

First-year Pineville football coach Randy Frazier was very impressed and excited by the turnout and community support.

“It seemed like all of Pineville was there,” said Frazier. “To see so many people turn out and show their support for the teams was amazing. These kids notice things like that, and it gives them extra motivation. It really goes to show how much community support there is for this school.

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“The administration does a wonderful job of making sure we have every thing we need, the coaches all do a wonderful job in guiding these young athletes, and the community rallies behind every team we have. It was a great experience and we were thrilled with the turn out.”

First-year boys basketball coach Brad Levy was also very impressed by the turnout and support from the community in what was his first “Meet the Mountain Lions” experience.

“I made a joke to one of the teachers there that it seemed like every student in the school was out there on one team or another,” said Levy. “It was a wonderful experience. The enthusiasm and support are very exciting. It does wonders for these athletes to see just how much community support their is for the school.”

“The administration here is really on top of making sure that we all have every possible chance to be successful here,” said Levy. “It felt like the entire community of Pineville was there. That says a lot about how much the people here care about this school. For a school this size, it’s unreal how much excitement and support comes from the community. It’s awesome.”

With the football season getting officially started next week, it’s clear that the community of Pineville is ready to watch their Mountain Lions on the gridiron this fall, as well as on the court this winter.