Teleworks USE helps Concentrix bring more than 200 job offers to region

Published 8:44 pm Monday, August 5, 2019

More than 200 Eastern Kentuckians have been offered an opportunity for employment that they were unable to find in their hometowns just a few years ago thanks to a hiring surge from global teleworking company Concentrix.

Teleworks USA Operations Manager Betty Hays explained that the company, which has been partnering with Teleworks USA for nearly five years to serve the region’s jobseekers with quality, legitimate, work-from-home and work-from-Hub positions, has launched a strong push over the last month in the Eastern Kentucky region.

“Concentrix knows we have good, hardworking people here after years of employing hundreds of them in various positions,” Hays said. “In the last month alone, the company has offered employment opportunities to 219 of our citizens. This is one of the highest number of job placement offers from a single company that we have ever had within such a short timeframe.”

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The positions offered were for chat customer service representatives, Hays continued, with pay at an average of $13 per hour.

“If the citizens offered these Concentrix jobs accept them, this could have an incredible impact on our region—especially in such hard economic times,” Hays said. “These offers are nothing to sneeze at, and we’re excited that Concentrix has shown the same confidence in the abilities of our people as we have.”

An initiative of the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. (EKCEP), Teleworks USA identifies and develops legitimate remote-work job opportunities with multiple national and global companies. Teleworks USA’s team of expert managers also helps prepare people for the jobs by upskilling them in customer service and technical support workshops, helping them craft strong résumés and hone their interviewing skills, and assisting them in applying for available remote-work positions they can work within their homes or eight Teleworks Hubs.

To find out more about Teleworks USA and how you can get connected with a legitimate work-from-home job, log on to or contact your nearest Teleworks USA Hub today. As an initiative of EKCEP, Teleworks USA’s employment services are completely free of charge.