Letter to the Editor

Published 10:31 am Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Reference Editorial 7-19-2019 in Middlesboro Daily News from The Advocate Messenger — McGrath’s Kavanaugh remarks don’t reflect Kentucky values

It appears you’re bashing Ms. McGrath for being conflicted concerning Judge Kavanaugh. So What? Many sincere citizens are conflicted. I did not like him before the woman came forward. He has beady, shifty eyes and is alleged to have lied under oath. Move on. There are more important matters.

Don’t worry, by the election, Mitch McConnell will have packed the federal courts with “your kind of judges,” fuller than a smuggler packs a drug mule. And, Mitch has found a way for Kentuckians to not only benefit but also be complicit.

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Mitch got a lady appointed for a lifetime judge position on the federal court and her husband, David Vitter, got Mitch $200 million to reopen an aluminum company in Kentucky. The aluminum company is bankrupt now. Some people bought out the stock, lucky them…they get to take money from the Commies.

The $200 million Mitch got for that quid pro quo was promised to Mitch by Oleg Deripaska, David Vitter’s boss and Putin’s right-hand man. I hope you aren’t voting for Mitch thinking you’re going to get a job at an aluminum factory, because I don’t believe we will ever see it.

This also may explain why Mitch will not pass legislation to keep the Russians from interfering in our elections. I suggest no matter who you believe, vote absentee. That way there is an honest record of your vote.

The juicy deal Elaine Chao and Mitch McConnell got $78 million for Kentucky infrastructure where they would profit the most because of stock Elaine Chao owned in companies that would benefit from infrastructure projects.

McConnell and Chao were just going to “kickback” and enjoy another windfall while passing as noble public servants. Like Kentucky’s version of Natasha and Boris Badenov.

I guess that explains why when Mitch could have opened the government back up the day after Trump closed it, Mitch allowed the president to leave it closed for a month, while one hand washed the other as they say. Mr. Editor, you don’t get to decide what Kentucky values are.

Angela Jackson (Republican)