33 charged in Lee Co. drug roundup

Published 2:50 pm Thursday, July 25, 2019

Lee County Commonwealth’s Attorney H. Fuller Cridlin and Lee County Sheriff Gary B. Parsons released a joint statement on Thursday.

“Lee County patrol officers are currently serving indictments on 33 individuals charged with 62 counts of offenses involving the distribution of illegal narcotics, with the vast majority charged with distribution and/or conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine,” Parsons said.

The effort is the result of a yearlong investigation by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the Southwest Virginia Drug Task Force, and the Lee County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office.

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In this investigation, the agencies attempted to narrow the focus to traffickers moving the largest quantities of methamphetamine in Lee County. None of the individuals involved in this roundup are charged with minor possession offenses.

All are charged with distribution and/or conspiracy to distribute and were targeted based on reliable information developed through hundreds of hours of interviews, undercover work and surveillance.

As a result of solid investigative work and communication between investigators and prosecutors, many individuals charged now face enhanced penalties including lengthy mandatory minimum sentences based on the quantity of methamphetamine distributed and/or previous convictions.

“We commend all law enforcement officers and prosecutors involved with this investigation,” Parsons said. “But our work will not be done until all the individuals charged are brought to justice.”