Hope continues to grow on mural

Published 1:19 pm Monday, July 22, 2019

Since April, the mural on 18th Street continues to grow hope in the crater. The mural facelift project was launched to raise awareness of the drug abuse that is seen in the community and to spread hope that there is an end to the epidemic.

“Crater of Hope, Inc. received funds from Operation Unite to repaint a mural on 18th Street,” organizer Jeannie Redmond Allen explained. “The new mural will include all students in the Middlesboro School system with a special mark on the mural along with a pledge not to do drugs.”

During the first phase of the mural painting, students from Middlesboro High School made a commitment and pledged to be drug free as part of the movement with Crater of Hope to see an end to drug abuse in the community.

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Allen explained that the previous mural was great but served its time.

“We did receive permission from the Ladies Auxiliary, who funded the original mural, and the mayor to paint over it,” she said. “The mural will be titled “Growing Hope in the Crater.”

Allen said they are working with all local school on the drug prevention event so every student will be able to participate.

“We will be adding a memorial section for those who have lost loved ones to this epidemic,” Allen explained. “Please let us know if you would like to participate and we will be posting a date soon.”

Crater of Hope meets on the last Monday of every month at the Middlesboro Public Library at 6 p.m. and everyone is welcome to come be a part and get involved.