America’s way of life under attack from left

Published 1:31 pm Monday, July 22, 2019

By Clark Bailey

The Loyalist

“We’re going to impeach this [explicative]”

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— Freshman congresswoman Rashida Talib after being sworn into Congress.

The venom spewed toward President Trump, Republicans, Trump Democrats and just overall normal people, has been both voluminous and ghastly. The attacks, through legislation and through obstruction on the American way of life and its people, have been atrocious. The shamelessness of their motives and rhetoric has been repellent. The systems of which they seek to force on us and replace ours with are no less than repugnant.

Recently, two things happened which the left and their allies are using as excuses to amp up their attacks and use their tired (and usually false) trope of racism. President Trump tweeted something along the lines that some members of congress who were unhappy with this country should back to where they came. Now that isn’t an exact quote but it is close enough, especially to the spirit of it. There was also a chant of “send her back” that erupted at a Trump rally in North Carolina not long after the tweet.

The president drew some flack over these incidents, enough so to where he has walked back and disavowed the chant in North Carolina. The ire from progressives and even some in the GOP has been followed by a slew of articles and online activity, both championing the comments and the opposition. The fact that progressives are up in arms in no surprise seeing as they have drifted to the left of Mao Zedong. Those on the right, or the faux right, are so caught up in being cuckservatives that capitulating and cowering, to please everyone but those who have put them in office, is sadly no surprise either.

Any logical and reasonable human being can easily agree with the president’s sentiments. In fact many, like myself, do. We are a collection and cross section of everyday Americans, encompassing diversity in race, religion, creed and political opinion. The one common overriding factor being we recognize how these members of congress, and their allies, are using radical Islam and or Marxism/Socialism to radically alter this country and everything about it.

They use proposed legislation such as “The Green New Deal” to attempt to destroy industry and make people subservient to their ever growing centralized state. They constantly use the charge of racism, or more correctly the accusations of, to stifle criticism, debate and opposition to their laughable yet dangerous ideas. They have weaponized race and race relations to the point where the divide in this country has become a dangerous chasm.

In a better day, their radically dangerous ideas and outright rebellion to not only our institutions and customs but to our very laws themselves, would have been rightly called treason. For they give aid and comfort to our enemies by their very words and actions. In a different time, the calls for their resignation would have been so strong that no president would have had the need to speak so forcefully to the situation.

Those days are a somewhat fond, and sadly tragic memory.

If, for instance, in 1953, members of Congress were speaking confidently in support of the Soviets. If they constantly obstructed proposals and legislation to secure and defend the country, especially where we were most vulnerable. If they had taken every occasion to condemn the executive branch for enforcing our existing laws. They would have been rightly condemned by their colleges, the media, and the common man.

But as I said earlier, my how times have changed.

But the radical left has long despised and opposed America and its interests. There’s little surprise in their attitudes. The fake right, the RHINOS, whose constant acquiescence leads to the same conclusions, still are a bit disappointing.

Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas and former presidential candidate, was quick to condemn President Trump’s language. Cruz, as he does superbly, quickly capitulated to the left, and to people who not only hate him and almost everything about him, but people who are woefully and dangerously wrong in most every instance.

Wrong not only in the application of their ideas, and accusatory language, but in their very belief. The ideas grounded in revolutionary Marxism and radical Islam are not only foreign to our country, but they seek to destroy and subvert the cultures they seek to supplant. And make no mistake, that is the goal. In all their bluster and opposition put forth, in all their condemnation and manufactured rage, they offer nothing, nothing but the cultural Marxism birthed at the Frankfort School, and from Lennin, Trotsky, Saul Alinsky, down to the very apt pupil Barrack Obama. The goal has always been to infiltrate out institutions and destroy them from within — to destroy and reshape in that Marxian image, of which will no longer resemble that which came before.

Capitulation to this, which appeals to those who fancy themselves peacemakers, in reality brings no peace at all. It only hastens the erosion of all that is good and holy within this country or any nation. No semblance of the preached equality emerges, in fact those who resist aren’t asked to go elsewhere. We are left with a future of shackles and chains, of the devil which is modernity through a Marxist prism. which was sired and birthed by modernism and witchcraft.

So in that vein, President Trump’s original sentiment is echoed. If you wish to come to this country and hate it so much that you wish to turn it into the cesspools from which you retreated, then go back. If you were born here, then find someplace else to destroy. Thousands of people immigrate to this country yearly, that do not seek its destruction, but to come here and enjoy all our benefits and our way of life. Immigrants are not our enemies, but those who come here (or are born here) that seek our transformation through destruction, they most certainly are, and they should be opposed.