Petition started to keep Spectrum office in Pineville

Published 2:29 pm Friday, July 12, 2019

Main Street Pineville is launching a petition to keep Spectrum from leaving their current office location in the city.

The organization is generating this petition to ask Spectrum to reconsider the closing of the Spectrum office located at 218 Park Avenue in Pineville.

Main Street Pineville Board Chairman, Colby Slusher stated, “If this community will sign this petition stating that you will cancel your Spectrum service if they decide to pull our local office, we may be able to prevent this closing. Please stand firm and let’s hold them accountable.”

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The closing of the Pineville location brings up several concerns for both the City of Pineville and Main Street Pineville:

• The current franchise agreement between Spectrum and the City of Pineville was negotiated and finally signed within the past year. The closing of the Pineville location was never discussed in any conversation while working on the franchise agreement. In fact, Spectrum has yet to notify the city of its’ intentions to close the Pineville location;

• Unreliable internet service is an increasing concern among Pineville residents. If the Pineville location is closed, online bill-pay would become the most convenient option for Pineville customers. Without reliable internet service, the customers could be presented with a hardship as they would be forced to drive at least 14 miles to simply pay a bill;

• Many Bell County residents rely on the Pineville location for bill payment. Closure of the Pineville location would place a hardship on county residents as some could be forced to drive up to 30 miles to simply pay a bill;

• The Middlesboro location currently experiences long wait times for bill payment. If the Pineville location closes, the influx of customers at the Middlesboro location would create unbearably long wait times;

• As people stop in Pineville to make a bill payment or to visit the Pineville location, many patronize local restaurants, groceries, gas stations, etc. The closing of the Pineville location could cause a negative impact on the Pineville business community as well.

Officials with Main Street Pineville urge you to call Spectrum customer service at 1 (833) 267-6094 to express your opposition to their decision.