Pineville Spectrum office to close mid-fall

Published 3:02 pm Tuesday, July 9, 2019

At the Pineville regular monthly meeting Monday night, Mayor Scott Madon announced that Spectrum operations office will be moving out of Pineville in the upcoming months.

“Spectrum is moving out of Pineville,” Madon said. “I found out from the landlord. They did not contact me, but the landlord contacted me. I contacted them and that is true.”

According to Madon, the office will be operational through August or September.

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“The landlord told me that they were going to be moving out between August and September and their contract was through October,” he said. “I wanted to make sure everybody knew that, it’s going to put another hardship on people.”

Brian O’Brien with The Big 106.3 asked Madon where customers will have to pay their bills once the office closes. According to the mayor, the customers will have to travel to the Spectrum office in Middlesboro to pay those bills.

The distance from the Pineville office to the Middlesboro office, according to Google Maps, is 12.2 miles for Pineville citizens who will have to travel to Middlesboro to pay their bill.

“When I talked to Carla, she didn’t know the status of that one,” he explained. “When I talked to her Friday, she did say that the Middlesboro office was staying open for now. She said she didn’t know the status of this one, but that is what it is looking like it is going to be for now.”

O’Brien wanted to clarify to the public that it is the Spectrum office of operations, not the actual company.

“Yes, thank you,” Madon confirmed. “The office is leaving not the business itself.”