Beacon of Light makes donation to Alzheimer’s of Kentucky

Published 3:26 pm Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Beacon of Light Family Chiropractic is continuously working to care for the community around them, and recently they made a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association of Kentucky.

“Here at the Beacon of Light, the doctors always want to raise money for local charities and stuff like that,” Practice Representative Lisa Drake said. “We had been doing a fundraiser for Vets Serving Vets and we wanted to start something fresh in January of this year.”

Drake said she approached doctors Jason and Kimberly Taylor with a brand new idea for the office to participate in.

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“I said if you guys don’t mind, how would you like to do the Alzheimer’s Association of Kentucky,” she said. “I’ll tell you why, I lost my dad four years ago to Alzheimer’s, and he lived with me and I’m an only child. It was very near and dear to my heart. Before that, my grandmother passed away with Alzheimer’s, so I have seen it twice.”

Drake explained that Dr. Jason’s grandfather had dementia also.

“I just felt like that was just put on me to give and that was just what I wanted to do,” she explained. “They were like sure run with it.”

To raise the money, Drake would visit businesses and teach them more about the importance of chiropractic care and how it could help them. At the end of the presentation, she offers a special.

“The special consists of your doctor consultation, your x-rays, your report of findings, and your first adjustment,” she continued. “It is normally $178 for a $30 donation to the Alzheimer’s Association and the doctor’s give one hundred percent of that $30 to the Alzheimer’s Association.”

The fundraiser ran from Jan. 1 to June 21, which is the longest day of the year, the summer solstice.

“The longest day for Alzheimer’s is June 21 and that was our donation,” she said. “I did a personal donation and it’s touched my heart. The doctors are such caring people and they love everybody.”

Beacon of Light made their donation on June 21 and because they made the donation on the Longest Day, the donation was matched and was actually $2,000 to the Alzheimer’s Association of Kentucky.

Beacon of Light is now taking up donations for Vets Serving Vets through Veterans Day.

“Who knows within the year, we may go to something completely different or they could go back to Alzheimer’s because it is so near and dear to our hearts,” Drake said.

If you would like to know more about the Alzheimer’s Association of Kentucky and how you can make a difference, you can visit their website at