Firework season is upon us, safety is key

Published 3:08 pm Thursday, June 13, 2019

Fireworks stands are popping up around every corner here in the tri-state area, and the Fourth of July is just a few weeks away.

Fireworks are a favorite tradition for many celebrations throughout the year and taking specific safety precautions while using fireworks can prevent serious injuries.

Across the country there are laws and regulations that permit the sale and use of certain types of fireworks to the public. You can find information on what defines legal consumer fireworks and find the Kentucky statutes that explain the legality of fireworks at

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Fireworks are explosive devices and according to, even the most common and seemingly harmless fireworks such as sparklers can pose a significant danger. Sparklers have been reported to cause injury when the sparks catch a piece of clothing on fire.

Certain fireworks are legal and for public uses while others are only for professional use only. A quick guide to illegal fireworks is anything that shows an M — M-80s, M-100s, and M-250s. Cherry bombs are illegal due to the inconsistency of production quality standards.

Basic firework safety requires using caution and following the directions on the fireworks to avoid common injuries to hands and arms.

Fireworks that are meant to be placed in the ground should never be held in hands when they are lit. Face and eye injuries are also common due to standing too close to the fireworks as they go off.

It is also recommended to always make sure to stand as far away from a lit firework because you can never be too cautious.

Wear safety glasses, use fireworks in open outside spaces, and keep water close just in case of an emergency. These are all simple ways to ensure safety.