Bell County senior Stephney turns heads at UK

Published 1:27 pm Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bell County rising senior London Stephney was turning heads at the University of Kentucky on Wednesday. Stephney recorded the fastest 40-yard dash time among all attending quarterbacks with back-to-back 4.4 second laser-timed 40-yard dashes in the senior combine.

At the quarterback position in 2018, Stephney totaled 15 passing touchdowns and 806 yards through the air. He also added 15 touchdowns on the ground and 1128 rushing yards.

The electric (then junior) also started at defensive back for the Bobcats in 2018. He racked up 55 tackles, including five for losses, recovered three fumbles (one of which was a touchdown), had five quarterback sacks and returned his only interception of the season for a 66-yard touchdown.

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“I’m excited for the season,” said Stephney. “We feel as if this is a state championship team, if we fulfill our potential and keep on working hard. We have full confidence that we have all the pieces in place this season.”

Stephney moved to Bell County after beginning his high school career with the Bearden Bulldogs in Knoxville, Tenn. “Moving to Bell County has been nothing but great to me. They’ve welcomed me with open arms and have treated me like family from the day I got here. I love the fans, they support us in whatever sport it is. There’s nothing that compares to running out on Log Mountain on a cool Friday night. It literally gives you chill bumps.”

Stephney maintains his own conditioning as well as works with coach Dudley Hilton and the Bobcat team in order to maintain his speed and physical condition.

“I condition on my own time and with the team as well,” said Stephney. “It’s huge having that speed at quarterback, so you can get yourself out of some situations with scrambling. I’ve worked on my arm a lot this offseason, and we have a great receiving core in Jason Jones, Brant Hoskins, Cam Burnett and Jonathan Langford.

“It was huge to be the fastest man at the camp and on that type of stage. It’s something I’ve worked for and it feels good to go out there and run as well as I knew I could. I was a little nervous going in, because my groan is strained, and I like playing quarterback. I love the ball in my hands in big moments. That’s what excites me the most about being out there.”

Playing primarily quarterback and defensive back in high school, Stephney is embracing the idea of switching positions at the college level.

“In college, I’ll be more of a slot guy,” said Stephney. “I went to the camp at the slot position, and had a good day. I’m just taking the recruiting process day-by-day. I am grateful for everything that comes my way and the recruiting process is picking up and going good. I’m just happy about everything right now and looking forward to the season. I love Bell County. It’s like a family and it’s special to me.”