June is bustin’ out all over

Published 11:09 am Friday, May 31, 2019

By William H. Baker

Contributing Writer

On this first day of June, you likely don’t need a calendar or a song to remind you that a special month starts today for young and old alike.

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Traditionally, June has been a month for weddings. It’s also a month during which we honor fathers and parenthood. Flag Day is observed as a special time to fly the Stars and Stripes. And, a new season begins officially with the first day of summer.

So many opportunities to celebrate. And, in some ways, so little time it seems.

“June is bustin’ out all over” is one of the memorable songs from the Broadway musical “Carousel” that was first staged in 1945. With music and lyrics by the Rodgers-Hammerstein team, the tribute to the month contains the chorus “Because it’s June, June, June.”

There are lots of other songs related to the celebration of the month plus many that honor fathers and plenty of patriotic songs that celebrate the American flag.

With summer approaching in the middle of this new month, it seems appropriate that among the other unique or special observances to include National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, Dairy Month, and Rose Month.

Weekly events include Fishing Week. Fishermen probably don’t need a special week or a special reminder. They know the good fishing spots in the tri-state area and will be on the water whether the calendar makers decide it’s fishing week or not.

There must be dozens of interesting, special, or wacky days in June that include National Nature Photography Day, Go Fishing Day (in addition to Fishing Week!), National Catfish Day, and National Canoe Day.

Today, the first of June, is listed as National Trails Day. If you haven’t already made special plans for your family on this day, why not consider walking some of the trails in the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park?

All in all, “Because it’s June, June, June” the invitation is there for outdoor activity and family enjoyment on the nearby lakes, on the golf course, or at one of the many parks in the area. They will include time for Little League and other summer games, swimming in the backyard pool, and plenty of music and fun.

William H. Baker is a native of Claiborne County and former resident of Middlesboro. Email: wbaker@limestone.edu