Pineville emergency meeting held in regards to hospital

Published 3:34 pm Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Pineville City Council met in an emergency meeting Thursday morning to again discuss the ongoing negotiations between Mayor Scott Madon, Pineville Medical Center, LLC and the bankruptcy trustee handling the Pineville Community Hospital’s case.

Madon issued the following statement at the meeting and said he would have no further comment as negotiations are at a sensitive stage.

“Pineville Medical Center remains open. The City of Pineville is doing all it can do to provide support for the efforts of the Bankruptcy Trustee to protect and preserve the assets of the Pineville Community Hospital Association, the former operator of the hospital. The city approved a $100,000 loan, secured by a first priority lien on the Pineville Community Hospital’s real estate. This will be used to fund professionals hired by the trustee. As the people of Pineville know, the hospital is an important community asset.

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“There has been an outpouring of community support for employees who have not been paid. For example, Dr. Ron Dubin has purchased thousands of dollars in gift cards for groceries from Long’s to distribute to the current full-time and part-time employees.

“Sandy Long, of Long’s Pic Pac and Long’s 1 & Up, has followed suit to match these gift cards with gift cards that can be used at either Long’s Pic Pac or Long’s 1 & Up. A big thank you to these individuals.

“I am also informed that PMC and its related entity Americore are working hard to pay the payroll and other claims of PMC. All parties know that payment of payroll and the associated taxes is a priority and are working to protect those employees as a priority payment. Jon Gay is representing the Bankruptcy Trustee, Clair Edwards. Mr. Gay says that he is pleased with the progress of the negotiations and is pleased with PMC and Americore efforts to work through various issues. The parties are engaged in productive, good faith discussions. Mr. Gay is confident that they will reach an agreement in the near future.

At this point in time, I think we need to support our local hospital and let the professionals on both sides work out the details. We hope and pray that this is resolved soon.”

WRIL reports that the hospital staff was once again reduced on Wednesday but is still operational.

Until the requirements of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services are met and satisfied, as of May 15 the hospital is still unable to take patients with that particular coverage.